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Sunday, November 11, 2012

When the farm becomes secondary...

I don't mean that my farm is going anywhere, but I feel like I don't have much connection with it right now.  I barely get a minute to scratch sheep cheeks (say that 5 times fast), wander into the garden area or even enjoy a home-cooked meal.  It's still home-cooked, I just eat on the run.

Work has been hectic, and so has home.  Getting the "guest-house" set up for Kaitlyn and Justin has taken awhile, and it is hard to see progress.  We did get it out to the house on Monday, and thanks to the help of some friends today, it is up on blocks.  With the time change, I get home and it's dark (the one benefit is that the chickens are roosting before I even get home), and it's time to get dinner going.  I am noticing that certain people are not moving a muscle to help prepare or clean up, and I'm thinking that even though I've threatened before to "go on strike", that this time I'll really do it.  I appreciate that Steve does the laundry, but there is more to housework than just laundry. 

During the week, I don't expect much time to visit the sheep or finish prepping the garden for winter, but I should be able to sit down and relax and read, or blog, or do some sewing before 9 pm.  That way on the weekend, I can get outside and do what needs done, or spend some time with the sheep, rather than cleaning the same stuff again.

I have tomorrow off from work paid and my plans are an hour or two of working in the house, then I'll go outside and visit the flock and get some last-minute winter chores done.  It's supposed to rain, but I'm an Oregon girl, and I don't melt.

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  1. LOL, I actually went on strike once, and it worked! The key is to get out - so they can't see you sulking :) I told everyone in the house exactly why I was going on strike, and where they could find me once they "got their act together". Then went to a friend's house. The friend's house was way louder, way messier and more chaotic than mine and it drove me crazy but I stuck to my guns and got the call to come home 4 hours later - to a clean house, mowed lawn and laundry folded on the table, yahoo!!!!