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Friday, November 16, 2012

The end of the world! And a highlight! And weather!

I got a little bored at work today. And yes, I bought a box of Twinkies.  So, of course, that led to zombie thoughts (Woody Harrelson in Zombieland!), which led to a marking pen, said Twinkies and paper.  Twinkies are a close second in my book to my favorite comfort food.  Double Stuff Oreos are my first choice.  I guess that Twinkies sold out even in our small town (2 small grocery stores).  Pretty funny, as I am sure that the major conglomerates will buy the brand name and they'll be processed as usual. 
Tonight, we stopped at the local Subway to pick up dinner.  Steve finally got my hints about not wanting to cook every night, and so I won't complain.  Anyhow, the Subway is right next to Backwoods Home Magazines office.  As Lyndsey and I were getting out of the car, John Silveira unlocked the door to the office and came out to show us a glimpse of the cover and the "blurb" that describes the book.  Needless to say, I can't wait to read it.  And what a great part of living in a small town... Made my whole day.  He has a wicked sense of humor and loves to give Lyndsey a hard time.  She gives it right back, which he likes, I think!
We have a forecast of wet, windy weather coming our way.  Winds forecast at 50 mph sustained, with larger gusts.  I love a good storm, but not right now.  We are trying to get the guesthouse finished.  Luckily, the contractors the kids hired to do the septic and water also put tie-downs on, so it shouldn't blow anywhere.  Last night I got a text from one of my friends, saying she was worried about my sheep in the low field by our creek because of possible flash floods.  There is 3" of rain predicted in 6 hours.  They are saying flash floods, but I really doubt that will happen.  The creek may rise, so I'll keep an eye in it and if needed, move the sheep up on the hill.  There is no lean-to there, but they can get down low beside the chicken house and stay out of the worst of it.
Anyway, my thoughts are rambling, like the title of this post, so have a great evening!


  1. Wow, you live near a town with a CELEBRITY!! How cool is that?!
    As for the twinkies, I suspect you are correct that some big company will just buy the name/rights to it. Twinkies never did it for me, so honestly I could care less either way. Now Girl Scout Cookies, that's a WHOLE 'nother story!!

  2. I must have missed something on the Twinkies bit. Must be something in the news, not that I've had time to watch it. And I don't eat Twinkies either.... The forecast is very wet here, too. :-/

    1. Michelle, Hostess has closed their doors, laid off a lot of people (so sad) and people are rushing to buy their fav snacks before its too late. I eat twinkies occassionally (hanging head in shame) and decided I'd buy a box just because...

  3. Well, don't sell them! They are now going for $5000 on eBay per twinkie LOL! They will last forever so what an investment hahahaha!

  4. HoHo's will be what I miss. Sorry to see them go.