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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Storms and Stupidity!

I wonder sometimes... We had a major wind and rain storm here... some folks a few miles from us measured over 8" of rainfall in 24 hours.  One gust of wind was clocked at 125 mph at a location 25 miles from here at 125 mph.  Now this was a bit excessive, even for us. Peoples houses had up to 2 feet of water in them. But every year we get major wind and rain, and a few locations always are in danger of flooding. 

Just a couple pictures.

The creek over the road and into the parking lot and building where my son-in-law works.  I'm a little frustrated because he had to work today and he was standing in a inch of water.  Not a safe place to be welding.

An RV park in Brookings 30 miles from us, right on the river.  It flooded last year, but much worse in Brookings.

The store that just started stocking our feed.  This is after the water receded some.  I am almost out of hay right now... hoping they have some dry stuff on top.

We aren't in danger of flooding at our house... well, let me change that. Our creek can and has gone over our bridge (I am more worried about stuff coming down the creek like big logs that will take our our bridge supports) and our lower small field has partially been submerged and we've lost bank into the creek.  The back of our orchard floods from water coming off the mountain.  But, our home and outbuilding are safe from high water for the most part.

Anyhow, this morning, after I got the 5:15  am call that school was cancelled, I got up and started checking out facebook.  My boss, who is out of town, called me to tell me what to put on the city facebook page re: flooding, etc.  She told me one of her friends who lives in the mobile home park by a creek that floods every year, called her this morning.  She was upset because the water had gotten high so fast and they were being told to evacuate.  She was upset because the city police and local VOLUNTEER fire department hadn't come out earlier to tell them the creek was rising and there might be a problem.  Hello!  You live by a creek that floods every year, you were checking it by flashlight last night according to your facebook posts, and you didn't think there might be a possibility of a problem.  Since when is it law-enforcement's job to tell you to watch out.

The picture taken by where my son-in-law works... a coworker of his managed to "hydroplane" his almost new truck into the flooded area  and it ended up with water over the hood and totaled.  The officer who saw him drive in said he disregarded the cones that were up in the road and floored it.  Probably thought he could cross it and show off to his buddies.  He claims he didn't see the cones in the dark and didn't realize it was so deep.

Lots of people came in today to let us know about problem areas.  Culverts, drains and backed up ditches that were overflowing, causing property damage and making them nervous.  90% of them were on private property that cannot be touched by city employees.  But now, all of a sudden you want us to come to rescue you and it doesn't matter that we have things that we have to take care of that are city problems. 

Someone had a tree fall on their home in my area and complained "why does this always happen to us?"  on a social media site. 

Mother Nature doesn't pick on people. It is a force that changes things and no one controls it. Sometimes, we can avoid her actions by things like falling trees that might be a danger, paying attention to her warning signs and don't buy a home in an area that you know might be close to a problem area.  If you do, don't expect people to run to your aid, forsaking their own family. 

I don't know what to think about todays society.  We need to be prepared and not expect to be rescued.  If the power goes out, don't immediately expect your line-men to put themselves in a hazardous or dangerous situation so that you can watch a movie.  Also, if you are stupid enough to drive your truck into a flooded area, maybe your insurance shouldn't pay for it to be replaced?

Common sense, people... Please!


  1. Good post, I guess when people buy cheap land in the summer they might consider it is a flood zone in the winter time. Time to clean gutters (roof gutters included) of leaves and debris. Take care, stay safe.

  2. Glad you are okay out there! I agree, insurance shouldn't have to pay for stupidity! We deal with high winds and tidal flooding on a regular basis here and STILL people insist on driving through it. I don't get it at all!