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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our 4 legged family members...

I think I've introduced you to all my daughters and my spouse, but I thought I'd take the next few posts to introduce you to the most important (shhh) members of our family and farm. 

I'll start with the dogs.  I'm including my daughter Kaitlyn's dogs as well, since they live on the property.

On the left is Rocky.  He weighs about 45 lbs, is about 7 years old and, get ready, because, "gasp" he's a pit bull. He is proof that its not the breed, it's the raising. Their vet was nice enough to write a statement calling him an English Bulldog so they could find rentals.  Justin got Rocky as a 4 week old pup and he is the sweetest boy ever.  He sits on my lap and just stares at me, with the cutest expression.  He is a city dog, but does great around our livestock and chickens. He loves to sit by friend's babies and play with their little kids.  Rocky also loves the warmth of the fire.
On the right is Bentley, Kait's purebred Mastiff. He is now 5 months old and weighs 73 lbs.  He's a very mellow boy (true to the breed), but can really tear it up when he wants to.  He's pretty jealous of Rocky, crawling up into laps if he thinks Rocky is getting too much attention.
Next is Bo, our bestest boy.  Bo is about 8 years old, and we believe a collie/shepard mix.  We got him at a local harvest fair where shelter dogs were up for adoption.  He was about 8 weeks old and the runt of the litter.  He now weighs about 75 lbs.  He's always been great around our livestock (occassionally growling and grabbing at the sheep if they try to intimidate him) and kids.  He went hunting for two weeks with Steve when he was 10 weeks old, so he's very attached to Steve, though he loves us all. The first picture shows his fascination with baby chicks.  He's that way with all babies, including the lambs and calves. The next picture shows him with his bed. I found this bed for him at a local thrift store for $2 and though he won't lay on it, he makes sure no one else does.

Bella is my baby girl.  I got her from our local no-kill shelter because she obviously has some working dog in her, but we haven't gotten far with that.  She had been abused (we suspect by a man), but it took a long time for her to feel safe around us.  I almost returned her to the shelter a couple of times because I worried she'd bite someone.  But we struggled through and now she does really well with new people.  Maybe I can start working on training.  She is about 3 now, and does herd the chickens and tries to work the sheep.  In the first picture, she is carefully watching the neighbor's house because they were having a bbq and she wasn't sure of the noise, but she minded me.  The next picture, she isn't scared,but she hides under the bed because Mason and Bentley can't torture her there. She plays really well with the puppies, but when she is tired, that's it.
Last, but not least, is Mason.  Note the glowing eyes in the first picture... he looks bright, but he's not. He is Lyndsey's dog.  He's a 8 month old Mastiff/Coon Hound cross, currently weighing in at 98 and a half pounds. He probably has a bit more growing to do, as his momma weighed 120 lbs.  He is very mellow, but when he and Bentley get going, watch out.  He is very intelligent, and has been house broke since about 13 weeks old.  He does have an affinity for pillows, which we are trying to break.  He also pretty much ignores the livestock, though the sheep fascinate him when they stomp at him.  When he barks (howls) it's hilarious.  However, Steve thinks it's funny to encourage him, and now we are having problems getting him to stop. The second picture is of his bestest buddy Bentley and him.  They have learned they aren't allowed in the kitchen, so they get right to the edge to watch meal preparation. 
I am very lucky that we have 5 fairly good sized dogs in our 2100 square foot house and they all get along very well.  Bo will occassionally nail the puppies for getting to close, and he will get Rocky if he feels Rocky is gonna try to take his food, but really, there are no major problems. In a few weeks we'll be down to Bo, Bella and Mason in the house when Kait and Justin get into the guesthouse, and it will be sooo relaxing. 
Hope you enjoyed meeting some more of the family~ 


  1. I love getting to see family members like this; thanks! But I don't know how you handle five dogs in the house!

  2. I really commend you for hanging in there with rescue dogs and their 'personalities'. It takes a lot of patience and love to work through the results of abuse. I love those mastiffs - and my dog, Scrappy, is part Pit, too. The rescue listed him as a cattle dog/hound mix for the same reason. He is dreamy.

  3. Yay for dogs! At first before I realized you had many photos I just saw the first and thought "where's Bella?! (my favorite!) Then I scrolled and felt better LOL. I remember when you had first gotten her and I fell in love with the photo :)

  4. Wow, you've got a whole lot of pups in your house! I think you are fortunate that they all get along so well. But I do think it has a lot to do with the general atmosphere in the house. I mean they sense it's a good place to be so they don't have to be "on guard" when it comes to the other dogs or anything else. I, too, loved seeing all the pictures.