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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just seeing red!

Do any of you sweet, gentle, blog readers ever get just-plain mad?  Probably not, you all seem so calm and controlled when I read your comments (and your blogs).

Yesterday I just spent the whole day building up to a eye-twitching, hair raising, stomach aching mad.  First off, I got super stressed in the morning, due to a paycheck error my boss made a couple weeks ago that I didn't find out til yesterday-and it's partially my fault for not paying more attention to my account balances.  Needless to say, I'm still working that one out.  But, I felt so uptight that I ate a bit too much sugar and drank to much coffee.  Also, work was stressful and it continued through the day.  I came home with a frozen storebought lasagna and french bread because I had to process some pickled red cabbage.  I put dinner in the oven and started canning.  Hubby made a few comments, combined with son-in-law and I started to simmer.  Then, they ate ALL the lasagna and bread.  Hubby said "oh, I didn't notice you were busy and didn't eat".  Then, of course, a couple of jars broke, dogs got in a fight, a couple more comments re: me cleaning the kitchen were made (as hubby relaxed on the couch) and I just wanted to let 'em have it.  However, I am wise enough to realize that I am starting menopause (cycling for 12 days and having hot flashes the whole time is enough to drive me crazy) so I kept my mouth shut.  I wasn't tired, so I stayed up facebooking.  Then I heard from someone that the facebook page I maintain for my work had a nasty comment on it, so I got madder, deleted it and felt good.  Then, about 30 minutes later, boss texted saying don't delete that post. Whoops! So I got nervous and stayed up way to late trying to retrieve it. Steve gave me grief re: doing work at home, which made me snarl.

Today was a repeat of the same sort of stuff.  Full moon, definitly.  People who were, um, difficult at work, upset tummy (stress-related, I'm sure) and when I spent lunch with Steve, he kept joking and it was making me madder and madder.  Also, a lot in my lap at work and of course, I have set the precident by not saying anything.

One big plus was son-in -law stopped and asked what he could get for dinner-hmmm, maybe he's not so thick after all, huh?

We have another big series of storms blowing in and we had a lot of flood damage in local low-lying areas, so people are nervous.  What irritates me though, is they are blaming our city police department for not "keeping them aware of the flood situation, etc." 

Maybe it's all hormones, or maybe everyone in my life really is an idiot right now??  Lyndsey has picked up on my mood (unlike Steve) and is steering clear of me.  Boy, I need the Christmas spirit to hit me right between the eyes right now.

On a plus side, though...

1 large red cabbage, the last one in the garden, gave me quite a few small jars of sweet/pickled cabbage.  I'm the only one who likes it, so small jars work good.
And two large turkey carcasses produced 16 pints of turkey broth (color difference due to one having onions, carrots and celery in it and the other one just the carcass and spices.)
Stocking up feels sooo good.  I worry about my freezer contents if the power goes out for any amount of time.
Thanks for letting me vent... Hope I didn't offend any of my "peaceful" blog friends. LOL


  1. Vent away! At least you keep your words civil (unlike, say, ME). Stocking up does feel great!

  2. venting is better than holding it in and letting it out here is better than letting it out at home sometimes. Looks like your plate is full (except for the Lasagna). Take a day and hibernate. Life's short eat dessert first. Take care. Hope you get the paycheck issue straighten out.

  3. I was chuckling over your first sentence....you are real...we all have days like you had and it was good to read about your frustrations. I am glad you vented......I am glad I am not the only one in the blogging world that has a bad day..(((hugs))) thanks for being so real..May today be much better and filled with many good blessings....

  4. Me, calm? BAHAHAHAHA! I have an Irish temper like you wouldn't believe, combined with my premature hormonal garbage and I think I can definitely relate LOL, hang in there!

  5. Red raspberry leaf tea. Find it. Drink it. Seriously, it helps oodles with pre-menopausal and menopausal symptons. Some health food places actually carry teas blended just for *ladies of a certain age*. I NEVER had a hot flash, mood swings, etc, I drank the tea at least every two days.

  6. Off to brew some red raspberry leaf tea . . . I THINK I have some! Full-on menopausal here for quite some time; makes it extremely difficult to deal with a strong-willed, mouthy, loud, active ten-year-old ALL.THE.TIME. (thanks to being a homeschool mom). Venting is better than murder - ha!

  7. Oh gosh Ruth,big hugs sent your way ,You can feel comfortable when I tell you I have been getting a lot of those "days " lately

  8. I do sincerely believe there is "something" going around these days that's making it extremely difficult for us to behave like rational, reasonable human beings. Really. Maybe it's the sad state of the economy or society or . . . or . . . or I don't know what. I feel nothing but respect for you for your ranting (but it wasn't really, you were just stating facts) post. Let it all out, Girl! (But do remember to stand up for yourself when it's warranted. I know I become resentful when I don't. And that's not good.) I'm sending hugs, too. Remember, we're all here for you. And for each other!