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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Burst of energy! Yippee!

I love it when I make it through a weekend feeling full of energy and manage to survive without a migraine or feeling yukky (My nurse-practitioner wants to officially diagnose me with fibromyalgia, but I've said no). 

Anyway, on to my energy.  I slept in a bit yesterday, did some housework, and then cooked up probably 150 lbs of apples for applesauce.  Steve and my son-in-law helped run 'em through the Victorio strainer (bought for $5 at a local thrift store brand new) and I put the sauce on the back porch to cool. I also made a double batch of a baked rice pudding.  I lost the recipe years ago, then finally after googling it 100 x's I found it a couple weeks ago.  Anyway, I made it using half milk and half of the eggnog flavored milk.  Yum!  Of course, calorie-free, right?  I did a few loads of dishes and laundry, of course...

Then, today, I canned 44 pints and 2 half pints of sauce.  I have a bad habit of putting it in the freezer in the garage and forgetting about it, plus if the SHTF and we lose power, I lose a lot of sauce.  It's so much easier to do it all in one day.  I  don't think I can eat applesauce for a while (I'll be dreaming of it) but it makes me feel so productive.   (Excuse the pictures-I don't have a camera anymore and my phone isn't the best "camera".)

Also, Steve made 9 piecrust and Lyndsey made 2 piecrusts today.  I made four of them into french apple pies (put 3 in the freezer and we're eating one tonight.  The other 7 went into to freezer.  I'll use about 4 for Thanksgiving pumpkin pies and the other's can be used for custard pies, quiches, etc.

Steve makes killer crusts and I envy him.  They aren't beautiful, but they are flaky and taste great.  The best part is, I don't have to make them.  I make horrible crusts.  My mom turns 'em out like an assembly line, I didn't inherit that skill.  Steve's only problem is he gets distracted.  I think I may need a new pastry blender.  This one wasn't expensive, so obviously not meant to withstand heavy pressure.

I also went out and emptied out the camper that is parked in the garage.  It was full of our camping stuff, which was a problem since Michelle and her boyfriend Taylor are coming for Thanksgiving.  Kaitlyn and Justin aren't anywhere near moving into the "guest house" yet.  I didn't want Michelle and Taylor to have to take the floor or couches and be woken up by the "pack", meaning the 5 dogs.  So, I got the stuff neatly arranged to be able to pull out the bed (which is essentially what this camper consists of) and put the stuff that wouldn't fit in it along the edges. 

I made homemade mac and cheese for dinner, along with carrots just picked out of the garden, fried beets, also just picked and home-grown steaks.  It seems strange to me that we use the steer's name while we're eating it-for example, hubby says "I think Carhartt (this years beef) tastes better grass-fed than Bubba (last years beef) being raised on grain."  No one even blinked.  But it's normal here.

Of course, we won't talk about the dishes from all the applesauce and dinner and piecrusts.  But the kitchen is cleaned up.  Thank goodness for having a spring and not having to worry about water usage.

I am hoping this energy lasts for awhile.  I love getting things done and feeling accomplished...


  1. Wow, I'm impressed by ALL of it. And not just a little bit jealous that you have resident pie-crust-makers. Like you, I am not good at them, and hate trying. I made more applesauce tonight, too; just seven quarts. Must wash more jars, because I have more apples in a box on my front porch!

  2. You just made me tired! Boy did you get a lot done. Yes, I agree that getting that burst of energy makes me feel so good about things. I wish it would visit more often.