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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Picture day

 Harvest from our Hubertson apple tree this year, picked last Saturday.  Best harvest in years, I think I only got about 3 apples last year.

 Mason (on the left) and Bentley, discussing the first big rain of the year.  To say they were intimidated is a understatement.  We got 4.2 inches in less than 15 hours last Tuesday.

Just a little "fall" decoration.  All from my mom's garden. Our corn and pumpkins didn't grow this year.

Last Saturday morning, sitting on a hillside trying to get my buck.  No luck, but the view makes up for that and the chilly, damp ground. The fog kept totally covering the meadows below me, I snapped this when it lifted for a few minutes.

My son-in-law carved an amazing pumpkin.  Can you guess who it is?

Mortgage lifter tomatoe on left.  They got their color late this year, time to get them processed and in the freezer til I have time to can them.
I got a package late last week in the mail, some homemade cards and  a beautiful scarf made specially for me by Michelle at Boulderneigh. I love it.
And last but not least, a picture of my friend, Vicki and myself at the 4-H awards assembly.  Due to health reasons, she has stepped down as large livestock superintendant and though we only see each other at 4-H events, we've become close.  I told her I needed a quick picture, went to stand next to each other and she grabbed me and hugged, then we both had tears in our eyes.  After losing my friend Heather a few months ago, and not having any pictures of her and I together, I am really making sure I have memories captured.
Well, off to a busy day. Apples need processed, so do tomatoes, help the kids to get ready for moving their "guesthouse" onto the property,  I need to get some winter-prep done, make some goodies for my sister who just had a minor surgery, and try to find time to hunt.  Yikes!
Love you all wishing you a hope, joy and faith filled day!


  1. Thank-you; I need to remember that photos of myself with friends are important, and stop being so resistant to being in FRONT of a camera!

  2. I don't know Hubertson apples but what a fantastic harvest you got!

    That pumpkin your son-in-law carved is just short of unbelievable. Johnny Cash?

    So nice to see the picture of you wearing the lovely scarf Michelle made for you! I'm betting it's something you're going to get a lot of use from.

    I'm with Michelle in that I'm not photogenic at all and detest all pictures of myself. I mean . . . who the heck is that OLD person??

    Good luck in getting your deer.

  3. you still remind me of my sister Joyce and I love the fog piture

  4. That is a fantastic apple harvest, nice job! And that view.... wow!