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Monday, October 8, 2012

Improved attitude, check!

I am still "minimalizing" my life.  I had sold a few things, making extra money that was supposed to go towards purchasing a replacement vehicle (we are still a one vehicle family, with that vehicle belonging to the 16 year old).  Needless to say, the $100 or so I made got eaten up one way or another (the car needed gas, the dogs needed food-with 3 dogs over 40 lbs, we go through quite a bit now, etc). 

I decided to clean out some more stuff... we now have a camper with a bed, and two air mattresses.  We really don't need the full-sized hide-a-bed mattress my mom gave us about 8 years ago.  We had a metal outdoor 7 foot tall tree with lights for Christmas that was an "afterthought gift" a few years ago, and even tho I like it, it takes up weird space in the garage.  Also, a few months ago we were given an upright freezer in exchange for a few dozen eggs.  We already had another upright that I wanted to keep, and a large chest freezer.  I wanted to sell the chest freezer, but I had to wait until we got started on tanning the steer hide that was in there.  We did that this weekend.  I decided not to sell it, instead I gave it to a young co-worker that really needed a large freezer for his family.  I also gave away the other stuff, though I could have gotten a couple of bucks for them.  I decided it was worth more to me to give it away to folks that wanted or needed them. 

I also decided that any produce I have that I won't be using (I've got lots of tomatillos and beets left in the garden) I will be giving away. 

Yep, I definitly need some cash right now, Lyndsey has another trip coming up in March to Italy and goodness knows we need a good-running vehicle.  However, the little bit of money I will make is not enough to realistically help right now, and I'll feel better knowing that I helped someone have a brighter day!  Paying it forward...


  1. If what goes around comes around, Ruth, you've got good things coming! Bless you for wanting to HELP people more than you want a few bucks....

  2. I was going to write just about the exact same thing Michelle did! The kind, good things you have done for others will come back to you doubled and tripled, I know. I wish we could all operate that way rather than having to rely so much on money.

  3. Reaping what you sow is your reward soon,I am praying,Seems everyone can use a lot of that of late.

  4. I hope things look up for you this weekend, I know your kindness towards others will result in blessings for your family, I'll keep you in my prayers!