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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Am I a bad farmer or just a lazy one...

I had put it off for months.  Bottoming out the sheep lean-to needed done, like 3 months ago done.  Lambies are due in approximately 2 months and I knew it was getting down to the deadline.  A years worth of hay, manure, straw and sheep urine compacted nice and tight, into a 8" thick mat, 8' x 12'. 

I started last week with the pitchfork, but couldn't break it loose, so I asked my dad to use his little (key word) tractor to help.  I should have been nervous when it took almost 30 minutes just to break the front of it apart. This morning I went down and barely managed to move 2 wheelbarrows that were half-full (that shi* is heavy, pun intended). Part of the problem was I had a headache that was horrible and it would take me all day to get it done. I thought about it and decided to post a facebook ad: Wanted: 2 strong people to earn $50 for a couple-hour job that involves cleaning out a sheep barn. Must be willing to put some muscle into it and not be afraid of sheep manure. ASAP!

About 30 minutes later I got a call from a co-worker, her football playing son and one of his buddies (actually one of Lyndsey's classmates) would be out, they needed gas money.  I warned her to make sure they were in old clothes and prepared for nasty smells.  They definitly earned the money.  As a matter of fact, I feel guilty, as it was a lot nastier and deeper than I thought.  It probably took them about 10 loads in the lawnmower trailer.  I was nice and took them down some Vick's to put under their nose. 

Anyway, yes, I spent money I really couldn't afford, but I know that I would have been soooo sick and sore after cleaning it, it was sooo worth it. Hubby is jokingly (I think) calling me a lazy, bad farmer.  I call myself smart... and ready for lambing.


  1. Too bad you don't live closer, I could use those boys to clean out my goat barn and it is deeper than 8 inches, lol.

  2. Tell your husband you don't pay for housecleaning, and $50 is the minimum you'd have to pay a massage therapist to try and put you to rights after all that heavy lifting! I think you're one smart woman.

  3. Sometimes we have to be smart enough to put aside our pride ("I can do it, I know I can!") and do what is wise. And you did! (Geesh, I wish I could learn that lesson soon!) The best part of what you decided to do is that it's now done, done, done and was completed much faster than you could have accomplished the job (and I KNOW you could have done it, but why when you had this great alternative?) and you didn't rack up your body pushing yourself both mentally and physically! A lazy, bad farmer? Ha! One smart cookie, I'd say.

  4. We learned that lesson last year. We no longer feed any hay inside the barn. Shavings with goat poop and urine are a whole lot easier to muck out yearly. It only tood about 4 hours this year. Last it took a couple of days. At least you are done for another year. Happy Lambing.