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Sunday, September 23, 2012

When will I learn... Safety first on the farm!

Let's think about this carefully.  I am a mom of four and a 4-H leader.  I have lived my life preaching safety.  "Put your helmet on", " Wear your coat", "Don't swim after eating" and oh
yes, the most important one, "Never wear flip-flops around large livestock". 

I spent today cooking, baking, running around, helping Steve get stuff together for his hunting trip (we still don't have a vehicle, but someone loaned us a truck to use. It looks a little redneck with the camper in it, but oh well!)

Anyway, at feeding time, I figured since Lyndsey was going with me, it'd be a piece of cake to grab the hay and disperse it, no need to put on "real" shoes.  There was one thing, well, 11 things I forgot.

They think they are starved... so they charged the lean-to as I tried to open the hay door.  Two, who is about 200 lbs, landed squarely on my right foot, smack-dab on the little toe.  Then, Mojo, the ram, also joined the party, hit the same foot, the same spot and shifted.  A nice chunk of skin was ripped off and it hurt (actually still does) like a son of a beach.  I yelled a few expletitives and grabbed handfuls of wool and yarded said sheep off of me.  Lyndsey was wisely quiet, instead of saying anything about the fact that she had pointed out about 15 minutes earlier that I needed to put boots on.

So, lesson learned, I need to do as I say!