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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vacation, now back to real life....

Survived my trip to Laughlin, Nevada with my mom and younger sister.  In fact, survived it quite nicely.  Loved my very first ever plane ride (not counting the 20 minute long, 4-seater when I was a kid), I think I'm hooked on flying.  How else could you make a 17 plus hour trip in only 5 hours (counting our travel time to the airport).  Oatman, Arizona was so fun, the donkeys were sweet (tho slightly agressive), bumped into someone I used to know from way back when we in Oatman, Riverside Casino was great, food was incredible, Australia's Thunder From Down Under needs no other comments other than "WOW-and drool" (except my sister's phone got stolen), went on a paddleboat ride, roasted and was miserable in the 110 + degree heat.  And yes, positive thinking works, as I won quite a nice jackpot-$999.99.  Let's just say the winter feed is paid for, and then some...
I do value the time spent with my mother and Holly (my sister).  Even though we live right next door to each other, due to family conflicts, we don't see each other as much as we'd like.  There was some negative stuff, and I had to remember not to take it personally, but I am working on changing my negative attitude, so I don't need to go into details. 

It's good to be home.  I re-read "Sheepish" by Catherine Friend on the plane, and am looking forward to reconnecting with the flock in the next few days.  Also, looking at simplifing life.  Cleaning up, cleaning out and selling or giving away what I don't need or want crowding up the house.  You know how it goes... You start collecting something because of 1 item you like (example: my grandmother's strawberrie jam jar.)  You find a few more in various fruit and veggie shapes, and people start bringing some to you.  Then, it graduates to cookie jars, spoon holders, soup tureens, etc all in fruit and vegies shapes.  Not all of them are old, and some are broken.  The space they take up is a pain and they are dust collectors.  Before I left town, I had decided to thin things down.  I started this evening after I got back from my trip.  I am going back to just the jelly jars, and I'll sell the newer ones.  I will keep the pumpkin cookie jar my youngest daughter got me, and the apple salt and pepper shakers my middle daughter got me.  The rest of the odds and ends will go.  I am feeling positive.

Now it's time to crash, and I'll post pictures of the trip later.


  1. Welcome home, and glad you had a good trip with your mom and sister. And the money you won? Gosh, I love it when I hear of someone getting some unexpected cash . . . and they spend it on something that really counts! (Of course, different things "count" to different people, but I can so relate to the good feeling you must have gotten knowing it was going for winter feed! As they say, animal feed and hay in the barn is worth more than money in the bank!)

  2. Glad you survived and had some fun as well!