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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Someone sent me a smile!

Well, actually, that was what I did when I opened my envelope.  I stopped at the post office today (after not checking the mail for 3 days because of being sick with the flu) and of course it was stuffed full.  Bills, ads, mail for the children (okay, young adults), the new issue of Hobby Farm (which is also my last issue-I am trying to save money, remember?) and surprise, a manilla envelope from Minnesota.

Inside was a beautiful card with a sunflower on it (my favorite flower ever, how did she know?) with a handwritten note.  Further inside the envelope were two beautiful quilted potholders.  I was smiling from ear to ear.  Steve looked at me funny and asked what was up.  I tried to explain, but sometimes husbands just don't understand the special feeling you get when something unexpected happens from someone you've only "met" through your laptop.

Knowing that she took extra time to think of me just kept me smiling all afternoon.  The potholders are just gorgeous and so well made.  The funny thing is I was thinking yesterday that my old ones were just about done-in.  The problem is I am going to have to push myself to use them, but I am making a promise to Mama Pea that I will use them and whenever I do, I shall smile again and again.

Thanks for the smiles and special thoughts! It means a lot!

Wishing you all hope, joy and faith!


  1. Isn't she the nicest person in the world ?On her quilt page is a picture of Jerry ,with the lap quilt she made him ,He treasures it.If the kids try to touch it.....but it gets softer with use ,we love it and her

  2. That Mama Pea - she's the sweetest gal around. Glad she sent you some smiles!!

  3. Very nice package and very nice of the sender-of-package!

  4. Yes, she is the bee's knees, that Mama Pea. She can brighten up your day like nobody else. Hope your days are brighter, Ruth!

  5. She's awesome, and her quilting is too! Definitely break them in and use them often, she'd want that, no fussy "for looks only" hanging on the wall LOL!

  6. Such a sweet post! You're so very welcome, Ruth, I was honored to send them to you. By the way, they better be broken in by now and initiated with a little spaghetti sauce, apple pie burble-over and maybe a splotch of gravy!

    P.S. Do you know how MUCH I had to pay judy, Mama Tea, Carolyn Renee, Susan and Erin to write those nice comments?? Thanks, gals. The cockles of my heart are warmed.