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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ram and ewe dates!

So, Mojo's been in with the ewes since August 10th... almost everyone has been successfully marked except for the two youngest ones (born in January) and Beiste, Lyndsey's big Suffolk.  Of course, she was the one we definitly wanted bred.  A couple days after fair in July, she developed an abcess on her cheek that took me a while to get healed up.  I wonder if the abcess messed with her cycle and that's why she didn't go into season with the others.

Yesterday I noticed he was showing some interest in her, though she kept walking away from her.  Today when Steve came in from feeding, he was pretty excited to share that Mojo had big bright blue marks on her backside. Isn't it amazing (or sad) what makes us happy? 

Anyway, the date is marked on the calendar and we'll wait and see what happens in approximately 17 days.  I have been keeping track of everyone else's backsides, and filling up the calendar.  We have had 5 ewes brought in that aren't in Lyndsey's flock, so that is exciting.  They are 4-H ewes, so we only charged $25 apiece, with no guaranteed results.  If Mojo is successful, then we will raise the price next year.

Keeping my fingers crossed that in January, lots of Mojo's will be popping out all over the southern Oregon coast and northern California coast.


  1. Go Mojo, GO! I am hoping, Bruno, our new buck goat is doing his job as well as it sounds Mojo is doing his.

  2. Rats! Carolyn Renee stole my line! Yes, it is interesting how excited we get following the love life of our sheep!

  3. Fun on the Farm! LOL it is pretty funny what excites us!