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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The icky part of owing livestock!

A few years ago, when we started getting serious about livestock, I was pretty much dependent on others to do the nastier stuff.   Vaccines, banding tails and um... well, you know.  I am serious.  I'd have to call people to come out and do that stuff, because I couldn't do it. 

Flash-forward to this year. I have successfully gone through a lambing season, cleaning off gooey babies and putting in uterine retainers.  I have banded ram lambs, banded tails, and vaccinated lambs, and vaccinated and banded calves.  Then, the last 4 days I have been giving Beast (the big ewe) a shot of penicillin without even blinking an eye and attempting to lance a big abcess on her cheek.  It was not ready to drain though, so all I was doing was irritating her.  Today though, success! I was able to drain most of it (it was soooo nasty) and the shot was a breeze.  I have to have Steve hold her, because she is so big I can't hold her up against the wall.

I am just so proud of myself.  And the best part is, I am able to do that kind of stuff now without stressing.  It's a sign of gaining confidence.  There are other things that I haven't done yet (pull a lamb, stitch a wound) that I am still nervous about, but I feel like I've grown a lot in what I know I can do!

Farming isn't just about growing animals and food, it's about growing yourself too! Does that make sense...

By the way, Kaitlyn and Justin went camping and took 2 of the dogs, so we only have 3 in the house right now, and it's sooo much quieter.


  1. Yes, it makes sense, and I think you're pretty awesome!

  2. It is a very empowering feeling knowing you can do those things which you previously thought, "Oh, I could never do that". :)

  3. Someone once said that when we stop growing (learning), we start dying. If we have the need (urge? will?), we can do anything. You should be very proud of yourself. I sure would be if I could do all the things you've just mentioned.

  4. Isn't it crazy what we can (or can't) do sometimes LOL? I have cut tails, lance and sutured no problem but would probably faint if I had to band! You've come a long way, baby! :)

  5. Ya ,for you ,I too am proud of myself ,I can give Jerry his insulin now and Ive been practicing on a cooked egg.most important is I now know how to give him a shot if he becomes unconscious like he did a few weeks ago from such a low blood sugar . The pancreatic cancer really messes with his numbers.This shot is a bit different ,I have to mix it first but eventually still call 911,because his hearty is so week.

  6. "Farming isn't just about growing animals and food, it's about growing yourself too! Does that make sense..."
    It makes perfect sense! In fact, you've put my feelings into perfect words here! You go, girl! Huge congratulations on your accomplishments!

  7. Your my new hero....I'm not there yet. This gives me hope though!