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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Names and life

I have alot to get off my chest, but not enough time and energy to write it down.  Too much going on, not enough time to breathe it feels like.

The puppy got a name.  He is "Mason" as in Mason-Dixon Line (our last name is Dixon) and Mason Jar (don't ask me).  He is one of the most-laid back puppies I have ever seen.  Probably the Mastiff in him.  Lyndsey adores him.  It is fun to watch her.  Amazing to think my 16 year old honor roll, 4.0 gpa student can learn something from a puppy.  She is also learning things from her new job at Dairy Queen, and is struggling some with not being able to be perfect at this. 

Saturday I went out of town to a livestock auction 4 hours away. Ended up bringing home a baby LaMancha buckling to wether to be a buddy to Lyndsey's ram lamb, Mojo.  If he makes it... too young to be weaned and I cannot for the life of me get him to take a bottle.  But he is eating grain and alfalfa, so he might make it.  I am mad at myself now for getting him.  One more thing on my plate I didn't need.  Sometimes I'm an idiot.

Sunday we spent Father's Day working on the finishing up the garden, getting all the carrots and beets planted, and starting weeding the beans and squash.  It's amazing how fast the weeds pop up.

Work has been crazy... Lots on my plate, and even with a great boss, feeling overwhelmed.  Tomorrow afternoon I am going out of town for training in Excel with a co-worker, which will put me even further behind at work.  It's only overnight, and we'll be back home Thursday evening.  I am taking some hand-sewing (sweatshirts, buttons, etc. that need repaired) and I will work on lists of "to-do" things for fair, canning, etc. 

This Saturday is a 4-H Livestock Showmanship Clinic and Potluck. As a club leader and Large Livestock Superintendant, I really can't get out of it. Then Sunday I am going to Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene with my friend and shearer, Wendy.  I'm broke as all get-out, so I won't be spending money.  I have to be at her house 45 minutes away at 6 am, then we'll drive 3 hours one way.  Why, you ask, would I do that with no money.  Because I adore Wendy and one of the things I promised myself after losing Heather was that I would make sure I took the time to do what was important to me, so I will go, have a ball, and go back to work Monday exhausted.  Oh well! Life is too be lived.

One of the stresses right now is money. I am about 2 weeks behind on everything.  I need about $1000 to catch up.  And every time I think I am catching up, something happens.  We have old vehicles, the headlights went out on the truck (I was driving home at 10 pm-holy cow, scared the crap out of me) and $200 further behind we went.  I don't talk to Steve about it, his check pretty much goes towards the house payment and gas and feed. I just keep plugging along.  But it is wearing...

Okay, I've talked more now than I meant to, and after re-reading it, a lot of it sounds like whining.  I'm sorry.  Thanks for listening though.

G'nite all...


  1. We strong women are so used to "soldiering on" and doing the best we can in ALL situations that when we do voice our honest concerns, we berate ourselves for whining. It's not whining, Bloggy Friend, it's just saying (writing) out loud everything we deal with (and under some very trying circumstances) in our heads and hearts on a day to day basis. We are the glue that holds our families together and we think we're not allowed to be less than solid and strong at all times. I don't think any of us use our blogs to share all of our private lives but it is a place where you can let some real feelings out to those of us that truly understand. Hugs.

  2. I have time enough to say "momma pea--ditto" sorry I hate company what do people talk about for 2 weeks straight -it sure tires me out

  3. Well, I couldn't have said it any better than Mama Pea. It's good to 'get it out' every once in a while. We know what you mean, and where you are coming from.