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Friday, May 4, 2012

Support the arts and have a chance to win a prize!

As some of you know, I love my daughters... They are all talented in many special ways.  They are also 3 totally different, individual young women, which I am proud of! 

My middle daughter, Michelle Joy, is an aspiring artist (as well as having a beautiful voice that I wish she'd get brave enough to share more).  She has taken classes in college, and sold some of her art.  Much of her artwork revolves around her love of reading.  That is the one thing that all the girls have in common with each other (and their momma)-they love to read!  Books are so important to all of us.

So, Michelle is trying to take her artwork to the next level, but money is tight.  She isn't asking for handouts, but she is offering a great opportunity to win some book-related goodies.  She writes a blog for Young-Adult books (some of the best reading there is today) and has had a lot of stuff donated. 

Today, I bought $10 worth of chances to win... If I win anything, I'll be giving it to my young friends, Greta and Elia (who lost their mother last Saturday-see here).  Their momma, Heather, also taught them the joy of books.  I never see them without a book to delve into and read if they have a moment. 

Please, if you love reading, or would like the chance to support a young woman who is trying to follow her dreams, read her blog and buy some chances to win some great prizes.  If you want to support her but the prizes aren't your thing, feel free to mention Greta and Elia and if you win, she'll make sure that they receive the goodies.

Visit her blog The Passionate Bookworm

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  1. I wish I could join in ,I'm trying to afford a grad party for Richard ,my grandson and the other one that lives with me-his brother ,fractured his knee cap-now I have 2x the expense coming next month and 2 patients to run for.tell her "Good Luck"