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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life on a farm is kinda laid back??? Huh

Those words don't fit the lifestyle of a farmer, do they? 

After attending three celebration's of life this week (2 yesterday) for 3 amazing lives, today and tomorrow will be spent getting caught up on the place.

Planting corn, tomatoes, and whatever else catches my fancy today, moving hay from the garage to the hay barn (actually, it's a 5 by 14 lean-to with a door, but who's being picky), and working on my to-do list.  I forsee aching muscles and dirty jeans, but that's okay.  I think it's fun, and truthfully, those of us who have livestock (of any kind, from rabbits, to steers, to chickens, to sheep, etc) and have a garden of any kind do think it's fun, because otherwise we wouldn't do it, would we??

We will throw some relaxation into the mix.  We are going to have a fire in the pit tonight and I've thrown out an open invitation to friends and family.  You are invited too!  Tomorrow, I may go ahead and spend the money to drive 30 miles and see a matinee (Men in Black 3 or the Avengers both look good).  My goal for the summer is to have some fun.  I have a "Summer Bucket List" I'll share in a few days...

It's the Memorial Day holiday, and I want to thank all who served and are still serving that gave me the freedom to live the life I lead today.  I also will take time to remember those who I've lost who have been a part of that life.

Wishing you all a weekend of hope, joy and faith!


  1. You are so right in saying we wouldn't keep animals or garden if we didn't enjoy doing it. I don't think you can explain to anyone who's not into it why/how all the hard work feels good. To most folks, it just looks like drudgery. But couldn't we all expound six ways to Sunday about why we do it!

    Looking forward to your "Summer Bucket List" you promise to share. Maybe we'll get some ideas of "fun" things to do since we seem to be out of practice for that sort of thing!

  2. a bucket list ,oh dear ,don't get ME ♥ started, lol

  3. You have gone through too much loss this season, you definitely have the right idea to spend time with friends and family celebrating each other. Hope you were able to relax at your bonfire!