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Monday, May 21, 2012

Book Review! The Ultimate Survival Guide.

I got a Nook for Mother's Day, and my middle daughter, Michelle, who reviews books on her BLOG referred me to Netgalley for great books to read and review. 

I got my first book, The Ultimate Survival Guide by Rich Johnson and promptly proceded to read it.

Okay, I have to say that I often have trouble with being honest when it comes to giving my opinion (you know, things like "No, that dress looks fine" when it doesn't, or "What a beautiful baby" when it isn't, but I have vowed that I will be fully truthful with my book reviews.

I have always read "How-to" books and since becoming more concerned about tsunamis and earthquakes (I live on the southern Oregon coast, about 80 feet about sea level) and the fact that our country and our world are becoming more unstable every day, I have done a lot of research on survival. 

So, in regards to this book, it had lots of great, basic information for almost all survival situations, from tornadoes to earthquakes and blood loss to purifying water, to catching fish in open water.  It was written in language that was easily understandable to most everyone, in my opinion.  What that means is that the average lay-man should be able to follow the directions. 

However, I found that it wasn't that much different from all the other survival books out there.  In some ways, it was worse, because other books use drawings and diagrams that show more efficiently how to construct some of the suggestions.  This book had very few actual photos or pictures showing how to make something work. 

Scattered throughout the book were true stories to help explain the contents, but I found that it distracted from the suggestions given.

I will say that I found the "Dear Reader" chapter in the very beginning to be the most helpful portion of the whole book, as it focused on attitude and doing the right things when you need to.  It is one of the most important parts of surviving...

So, if you have your choice of survival books, this one is okay.  I can't say I'd rush out and buy it, but that's just my opinion...


  1. Great job being honest! It's the hardest thing do to review a book that was kinda a let down. And you know your survival stuff! so I trust your opinion! glad netgalley let you read right away!

  2. you have great insight ,go with your gut ,who needs that book-write your own!

  3. I, too, really appreciate your honest review. I suppose each different book will affect each individual differently, depending on whatever previous understanding and knowledge the person has. (Did I just write a really wonky sentence there? Did anyone understand what I was trying to say?)