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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Problem solved.

Got the complete answer to the math problem I gave you the other day.  Remember?  10 sheep minus 2 sheep plus 1 sheep equals 10 plus sheep.  The answer is:  11! 
I had locked Tink (our shearer, who traded her to us is named Wendy so we called her Tink, short for Tinkerbelle) up the other day so I could supplement her a bit heavier on the grain.  Yesterday I noticed a bit of mucus, but not much.  On the way home from work, I told Lyndsey "wouldn't it be nice to have a baby on the ground?" She said "nope, I have too much homework tonight."  Steve and her went out to feed, and lo and behold! Twins... Steve says there is a ewe and a ram, I admit when I dunked cords in iodine, I didn't double-check, but I will tomorrow. 

They were nice and dry and Momma had done a great job.  Luckily the weather really cooperated and the big rain and wind storm had passed.

This is the ewe (I think).  The Romney give them some interesting colors and textures.

This is the ram (I think).  He almost looks calico.  He will probably be banded and stay here on the farm to be company for Mojo, Lyndsey's breeding ram.  So, I am thinking we'll call him Hook (keeping with the Peter Pan theme). 

They seem so small compared to the others, but that is probably because the others are now so big.  Momma is a bit nervous (she isn't used to people), but I think she'll do okay.  I don't know if they've nursed yet, but because they were so dry and moving around, I'm going to guess yes!  I called Wendy (the shearer) and said "I am so happy with the trade!" and she said "No fair, you got twins, didn't you?" LOL  Remember, she told me she was sure it would be a single.  Also, she's had 7 babies born so far and not a ewe in the bunch (except she owns like 50 sheep, so I'm sure she'll get at least one) so she was giving me a hard time about the ewe lamb, in a good natured way.

Weather is forecast to be sunny this weekend, so I'll try to get some good pictures.  I did plant 4 watermelon seeds tonight, and started 12 eggshells of sunflowers, so I feel like I got something accomplished.  Feeling very satisfied with life right now...


  1. Congrats! Even better is that you didn't have to help (much) with the birthing!!

  2. another new addition or 2 ,what,more is merrier ,have fun babysitting

  3. You didn't have to wait long for this big event! What cuties!

  4. Aw, how sweet! Cute pictures! :)

  5. Sounds like you have a pretty good mama there! Not a bad thing that one of the twins is a ram since you wanted a companion for Lyndsey's breeding ram. I'm eager to see more of their coloring in future pics. Pretty good deal all in all, huh?