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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our new arrival!

I am soooooo excited... Today, approximately 10,000 lil' packs of power arrived at the farm.  A gentleman by the name of Del Barber and his wife Myrna brought over a top bar hive. 

We located in the back of our garden, where they are safe from the chickens, but have easy access to the pond and all of our fruit trees, berries, wild plants and garden area.  I am looking forward to learning their behavior patterns, and later on enjoying some local honey...

Along with the arrival, we had a departure today... Boeing and Blue went off to their new pasture across the river.

They were very happy in the top turn out pen, where they will stay until they learn where the water supply is.  My friend Laurie messaged me tonight and told me that they tucked themselves away under the manger when it started raining tonight.  Poor lil' guys, change is hard, but its two less animals to feed, since they won't need much on 28 acres of pasture that they be sharing with two steers who we will butcher this fall.

Feeling more and more accomplished with this "farming" stuff every day. 


  1. whats all the " buss " about ,because your the "bees knees " life for me these days is all about mental illness -does everyone have it?

  2. Sounds like spring has arrived at your place and you're jumping in with both feet! Good luck with the bees.

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  4. I love these kind of hives, congrats on the new bees!