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Monday, March 5, 2012

The feeling of power (or maybe it's confidence?).

On Saturday we banded the last two bull calves.  Steve caught them and held them down, I manned the bander.  This year I banded all five calves.  I successfully found the individual packages of two lil' jewels and kept them down, got the band around 'em and tah-dah!  Last year I handed him the bander and turned my head while someone else held them down.  This year Lyndsey and I successfully banded lamb tails and vaccinated all the lambs (we still have the two youngest to do). Last year I banded tails, but I couldn't vaccinate.  Yesterday Lyndsey and I caught all the lambs and they had "tie-up" training.  They were not happy, but I'm getting pro at catching wild lambs.  Before we let them lose, I ear-tagged them.  Last year, I had the vet do the ear tagging at weigh-in. 

I am feeling pretty proud of myself.  I am getting more accomplished at the chores that I never saw myself doing.  It's part of my life now and I am excited that people can come to me for help, like I used to go to others...

Confidence feels pretty good!


  1. Years ago I read somewhere that you're never too old to experience a "first." Life always holds new and interesting things for us if we maintain our interest and zest for life. (When we lose that, we're probably on our way out!)

  2. I agree, I was the same way. It took me awhile to be able to ear tag stuff, and I would cringe. I seem to be a softy! I have always been too soft on the baby goats too...and allow them on their mothers too long. I'm lots better and realize they don't need all MY milk...but it took me awhile to realize why I'm doing this. I like the confidence too and Congrats!!

  3. Good job! After three tries of doing so we finally banded both jewels of our lamb, Glutenin. And then we woke up to a dead rooster so I had to dig a birdie grave first thing in the morning. Farm life: it's got its ups and downs and rarely saves money :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this! :) I'm starting on a long list of firsts as well, and have a few down. I'm nervous about those coming, but also looking forward to "earning my farmgirl stripes", so to speak. It's all part of the job discription, and I have to do it. Giving shots now, trimming hooves, drenching, doing fecals and know how to draw blood for testing. Coming up; kidding, castrating, disbudding, tattooing. Oh, my...
    SO, great job, farmgirl! You are an inspiration! :)

  5. I found that necessity gets you doing all kinds of things you'd never do before. I am pretty good now at giving injections. I haven't banded any lambs yet, but then, there are no lambs this year at Little Lucky.

  6. Ah, yes, calves last month, lambs and kids this month, chicks next month. It's been a weird, cold, dry winter and it's good to have spring and all the new life!