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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Goodness, I am tired... combination of things, I am sure.  Combination of feeding all the calves (tho I sold one last weekend and two more will go to their home this weekend), and all the various chores, stress from oldest daughter moving home and Lyndsey getting her license and driving more (I wait and listen to hear her pull in the driveway) and probably some of it is the weather.  It's flucuating between beautiful weather and rain (but not our usual rain and wind storms which always are exciting). I think it messes with my energy level. 

All the critters are doing great, lambs are growing by leaps and bounds (hee hee, literally) and the calves are weaning themselves.  One lesson learned: Never, ever get 5 bottle calves in January. Too much work!

Anyway, got stuff to tell you all about, but not gonna happen tonight.  No Valentine's excitement here, ate frozen pizza (I can hear the gasps of horror now) and I'm debating going to bed (it's only 7:47 pm-yikes!)

Sleep tight!

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  1. Well, gosh...I can't imagine why you're tired! ;) And you know what? Sometimes there are nights when its a frozen pizza kind of night. There are have been a few of those here as well. You do what you have to do. (No gasps from me!) Get some rest and we'll be around whenever you've got time to share the rest of the stuff you've got to say!