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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Math problem!

When does 10 sheep minus 2 sheep plus 1 sheep equal 10 or more sheep?
My shearing friend, Wendy, offered to take Bebe, Lyndsey's Romney, and her ewe lamb since they were not fitting in with the rest of our girls.   I had told her we'd trade her for a Suffolk cross ewe of similar age (a coming 2 year old).  We'd throw in the lamb for free shearing this year. 

So, she called me yesterday and said she had a ewe picked out.  I decided we'd load up Bebe and get the swap done, because Bebe was just too loud and it was too sad watching her.  We drove up to Langlois (about 45 minutes away), AFTER locking the keys in the truck (and no extra keys-thanks Triple A).  We drove up in a mixture of rain/sleet/hail and sunshine and unloaded Bebe and her baby into a nice green pasture where they can hang out by themselves for awhile.  Then, we drove over to her pasture to load up the ewe, a Suffolk/Romney cross. 

Low and behold, she is expecting and due in the next 2-3 weeks.  Wendy thinks it will only be a single since it's her first year and she isn't real big, which is fine with me.  I thought we were done with lambing for the year, so today I dug out the lambing supplies again.  I have to admit I'm a bit excited.

She isn't a drop-dead gorgeous ewe, but she isn't awful. She seems to be taming up quickly and she has a sweet face.  Also, the best part, she was accepted almost immediately by the rest of the flock.  That's her, with her butt and the pink spot on itin the middle of the photo. She stands or lies a little to the side of them during the day, but they all eat together and the other's aren't outwardly mean.

And Mojo, Lyndsey's ram lamb, has quickly discovered that when we come to see them, we bring a goodie, or it's feeding time or we'll take the time to scratch his chin.  He didn't like the lens cover from the camera bumping his nose, tho!

I hate math, but the problem I gave you is going to equal some cuteness in the end, so I'm good with that.


  1. another lamb on the way, fun!

  2. So glad that she's fitting in so well so soon. Will definitely help when her lamb arrives!

  3. Sounds to me like you got a pretty good deal! Don't forget the baby pictures when she has her lamb!

  4. oh,just in time for Easter,baby lambs ,can't wait