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Monday, February 6, 2012

Lyndsey got her drivers license! Yikes, get off the sidewalks!

Just teasing, she's actually a very safe driver.  My mom nerves are just working over-time.  We stopped for dinner out with friends to celebrate her belated b-day (she had finals) and her getting her drivers license today.   We followed her home, 3 miles, in the dark. After we got home, she said it felt much longer because she kept watching for deer to jump out in front of her and that the car seemed really quiet.  I just texted all the way home, so I didn't have to watch her... (No, I wasn't driving). 

Thinking about her driving, other than the basic worries about her safety, staying awake waiting for her to get home, etc., I have to think about the passage of time.  She is my youngest, my baby.  Her license is one more step away from me.  It means that my time as a mother of little ones who need me to kiss their tears away when they skin their knees is passed.  The sloppy kisses and holding hands to steady them is gone.  They still need me, and I hope they know they are never too big for me to kiss their tears away.  Kaitlyn, my oldest, will be home on Saturday, and more than anything, I WILL be there to kiss her tears away and reassure her that life goes on.

Being a mother has been, and will be, the most important, stress-filled, loving, worrying, rewarding job I have ever tackled, and I'm proud to say that my 3 beautiful daughters are the best end result ever!


  1. I wish the kissing and the praising of my children came as easy as it does to you,I never thought my self a reservist [ holding back emotion ] I thought myself as wearing my heart on my sleeve a lot,but Ruth,you are always praising up your kids,have you always done that.I know that makes them more self assured but your talking to the lady that as even a young girl I did not hug my brother good-bye when he went off to war-the Viet Nam war,never saw him again---:( /I wish Lyndsey all the best---:0

  2. ahh...I hate it when they grow up. Worse yet, when they move too far away! I agree on the lifes greatest job and I feel the same way as my youngest is growing up! I can see I'm going to miss it terribly. Now if I can just get them all to live CLOSE by!!

  3. Motherhood isn't for sissies! Seems we have to keep changing as far as what our children need as they grow and keep changing. How come nobody teaches us how to be good mothers? It's supposed to come naturally, I suppose, but to do a good job you sure have to work at it. (At the same time working on all the other aspects of your personal life!) No matter what our kids' age or situation maybe the most important thing is to offer them our love and kisses.

    Congrats to Lyndsey on getting her driver's license. That is a real milestone in life!