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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Declutter week two-second phase!

The counter in our activity area was pretty bad.  It had become my catch-all.  I was the only one piling things there (the rest of the house looked okay, though, because any loose junk went there). Notice the calf milk bag in the corner, and Bella thinking that she should get some milk powder.  The calves will be weaned this weekend.  Bo was just hanging out getting in the picture. 

So, I got started, and within about 30 minutes or so, everything was back where it was supposed to be, or in a bag to donate or sell, and the counter looked so much better.

You can even see my mending basket and sewing machine again. Wow... It's amazing how much better I feel getting something accomplished, and this counter had been bugging me for a good month.

Let's see what I can tackle next week.


  1. You are an inspiration! It's amazing that much difference can happen in 30 minutes!

  2. now if I could just find a person that comes in and does this,please don't send the hoarder people ,I was just kidding

  3. Ooooh, I can see that sewing machine and it looks fabulous! Nice job!

  4. Only 30 minutes to accomplish all that? You are on a decluttering rampage! I'm with Erin . . . will we see that sewing machine producing any Show and Tell soon? I still think that is one fantastic, very beautiful built-in storage unit! Good job on sorting and cleaning.