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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Real farm girls...

Aren't afraid to give great big boar hogs a belly rub!

Our 4-H club went on a field trip today to a local farm. The lady raises eggs commercially for a local store, and market hogs. Steve, Lyndsey and I have been good friends for them for a long time, and her breeding hogs are always really friendly. Lyndsey climbed right in to give "Jake" a belly rub. The minute she started rubbing his side, he flopped right over to give her access to his tummy. I don't know too many 16 year old girls who would do this...

This week promises to be busy, gotta come up with some extra cash-we just found out that the man who sold us Beiste, Lyndsey's big Suffolk ewe, has a really nice ram lamb that we can buy for $300. We are supposed to go get him Saturday. So, I'll be spending the next few days posting things for sale on Facebook and cranking out a few hours of transcription for the city. We are also going to take some of Steve's mom's stuff over to her... with Kaitlyn moving home, we need room in the garage and I can finally get the fish tank full of guppies out of the house.

Hope you all have a week filled with hope, joy and faith!


  1. Wow! That is one BIG pig, and I'm not sure if this 38 yr. old girl would get in there!

  2. Your 16 year old is awesome and Patty is right,I'm not so sure at all if this 61 year old would get in there.

  3. Your daughter must be very brave,I would be afraid of a hog that big! Blessings Jane

  4. I do not know many men who would do that! Let a lone Girls! But when you grow up around animals like that, you just know what ones are gental and witch ones are not! The size of that one would inteminate a lot of folks!