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Monday, January 2, 2012

Peace and relaxation!

New Years Eve was fun, we spent it out at a friends house playing games and we got home at about 1 pm. I slept in yesterday, not getting out of bed til 10:15 am. I panicked at first, thinking of all I had to do. Then, I took a deep breath and remembered I had given myself permission to do the stuff I wanted to do this weekend, and so I was not under any time crunch.

I spent the rest of the day puttering, organizing the green house, doing some straightening in the house, cleaning the inside freezer, etc. Then I made potato soup and a loaf of bread and invited some friends over for a New Years Day campfire in the fire pit. It was a bit cool, but the stars were out and it made for a beautiful night.

Today, tho it was predicted to only be a chance of showers, it is pouring down hard. That means that the one chore that had to be done will be done in the rain. The chicken house is really bad and I knew I should have done it yesterday. The hens won't want to go outside and so I'll be trying to scoop around them. Oh the fun of it all! I think I'll make that part of my farm rules. If the weather is decent, get it done! I could have waited on the greenhouse and done it today and been undercover. Oh well! Live and learn.

It's the last day off of my 3 1/2 day weekend, so I'm off to enjoy it!


  1. Sounds like a great way to spend New Year's, everyone here was asleep except me LOL! Think I'm going to have to make some potato soup, now I'm craving it and it helps that it's really windy and in the upper 20's out today - this weather freakshow had us in the upper 60's on Saturday,weird!