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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First batch of baby pics!

Lyndsey with the ewe lamb. She was so proud of herself for watching the birth and not passing out. She doesn't handle blood and "gukky" stuff very well. I was proud of her too. Do you notice the gloves, tho?

They were a little confused on what exactly they were supposed to nurse from.

The little ram lamb, the little white spots on his face show his 1/4 Hampshire heritage.

The ewe lamb was sucking on whatever was available.

Love lamb babies... And Two, to my surprise, is an excellent momma! So happy!


  1. So very cute; thanks for sharing! Those gloves were because she was cold, right? :)

  2. you must be happy as a lamb [ sorry could not stop my self and I know its clam ] but what beautiful babies wish Katelynn could see a real one

  3. Love the last picture of Lyndsey and her dad!

  4. Good pics,they are cute! I know you are proud of them,very sweet!

    Blessings Jane

  5. I'm glad you got pics, they are precious!

  6. Carolyn, actually the gloves were partially for warmth, but mostly cause she doesn't do "ikky" stuff well. And being that I am 5'2" and she is 5'9", if she feels it on her hands and passes out, I can't catch her.