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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Batten down the hatches! We're in for a big one!

Well, no one would listen to me when I said all the abnormal, dry, clear weather we have been having for months would come back to bite us in the backside.

The predictions so far are calling for a "possibly historical" storm all along the Washington and Oregon coast. Southern Washington and Northern Oregon can expect possibly 10-14" of snow, while here on the southern Oregon coast, they are calling for winds up to 115 mph at the headlands (we are 30 miles down the coast from there) and we can expect up to 90 mph, plus lots of rain. Luckily, we have our woodstove and are well prepared for power outages, etc. I am not sure if the forecasts will be correct, but if they are, at least I'm prepared. Better to be safe than sorry. My fear is more for the animals-that the lean-to's hold up and the babies stay safe and warm.

On an animal note, Two's uterus partially prolapsed 4 days after she gave birth. Luckily a friend had a retainer and I was able to borrow it and successfully insert it. I am giving her penicillin and hoping she will recover. So far she is eating and drinking well and the babies are nursing and growing great. We actually had measurable snow (3/4 of an inch here at our place) yesterday morning, and since it was Martin Luther King Day, we got to stay home and enjoy it. I got this great video of the babies at play.

If the storm leaves my little farm on the map, I'll be back soon! (Saying this in jest, I love a good storm and being prepared makes it even more enjoyable!)


  1. Don't you just LOVE lamb races?!?

    I heard about your predicted storm, with hurricane-force winds. Yikes! Hope everything comes through okay there.

  2. Wishing you all safe passage through the storm (and feeling just a tiny bit envious in the snow-starved Hudson Valley).

  3. Hoping you and yours weather the storm well,I too am envious of the snow,not the winds...keep safe and be careful of those babies. Blessings Jane

  4. Loved seeing the video of the lamb races! Baby animals could hardly be any cuter. Keeping our fingers crossed that you get no damage from the storm. Keep us updated, please.

  5. I hope Two makes it! Funny we had one of our sheep that managed to become a "pet" and stuck around the farm many years when I was a kid, I called her "Twolie" or "Toolie" , due to her number tag of course LOL! I've been thinking of you watching the weather reports and hope you are getting through it okay!

  6. datadum,datadum,dtadum [ sing it to to the the dump,to the duppmp,ta,da]makes me want to sing that watching the little scamps race around like they do