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Monday, January 30, 2012

Are sheep racist?

I think you've met Bebe before...

She is the purebred Romney ewe that a lady donated to Lyndsey back in the early fall. She is adorable, and has beautiful wool in shades of brown/grey/black that grows so fast.

Maybe it's jealousy of that beautiful wool that has kept the "girls" from accepting her into their little group...

Or maybe they are racist?

From left to right, Beiste, Two and Stacie. Since Bebe came, I have been waiting for them to let her join them. But, they won't... She can't eat with them, can't sleep with them, can't even lie in the sun with them. It's strange. When Beiste came in August, it only took a couple of weeks before Two and Stacie let her hang out with them. Poor Bebe is so lonely, she cries loudly a lot. I am hoping when her babies are born, she will be happier. I am a bit nervous that the others were hurt her lambs, so I will keep them separate for awhile.

Anyway, I wish I could figure out why Bebe can't hang out with the others. Is it because she looks different? Smells different? Who knows... Lyndsey and I have decided that after her babies are weaned, we will trade Bebe for a Suffolk-cross ewe, hopefully to the people who have one of her flock mates.

Animals... who knows what goes on in those minds...


  1. years ago when we had 3 breeds of goats they would lay in the pen by family, and then by breed each in their own groups.

  2. You said it. Who knows the whys and wherefores of animal minds? It sure does bother us humans though, doesn't it?

  3. Poor Bebe! Maybe she's the one shunning them LOL, sure would like to know though, it is perplexing to us humans!

  4. I found the same thing when I mixed Dorpers with Katahdin sheep. It took a long time for them to all hang together.