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Friday, December 30, 2011

No babies, babies and life.

No, I am not expecting. But, it looks like 3 of our 4 ewes are. I really wish that Beiste, Lyndsey's big Suffolk, was one of them. When we bought her the owner said she'd been bred (he used a marker) and was due end of November, first of December. It's now the end of December and no babies. She is so big size-wise (about 350 lbs) I was hoping she was just hiding it. Dang it, I really wanted a nice ram lamb so we didn't have to stress about breeding anymore.

Staci, Two and Bebe all are looking pregnant. They will be due in a week or two. It is Staci and Two's first time, so I need to get my "birthing" kit ready. Can't wait to see the babies.

We survived Christmas and it was wonderful to see my girls. I can't let that much time pass without seeing them again. It is good though, to have a long weekend at home.

Hope you are all well...


  1. I'm so glad Ruth you got Christmas with the girls and congratulations "momma"

  2. Eagerly waiting to see pics of your new little lambkins in a week or so. New babies on the homestead . . . a great way to start the new year.