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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Life transitions: Definition of simplify!

Simplify: sim·pli·fy Definition of: to make simple or simpler, to reduce to basic essentials b, to diminish in scope or complexity, streamline, to make more intelligible, clarify.

Life has it's way of getting more involved and complex. Part of it, (well, most of it) I do to myself, such as my volunteering, my inability to say no, my "ideas" of how I can improve things by adding more things to my schedule. Part of it is just life, for example, a full-time job after a year and half off, family responsibilities, etc.

I've already simplified my household quite a bit over the last year. Less clutter, more open space, 1 type of basic cleansers, bathroom necessities, organizing clothes by color so when I am getting ready for work, it's easier.

I sold my 4 mini-rex rabbits today. I did enjoy my rabbits. They are gentle creatures, they provide wonderful fertilizer for my vegetables and they are low-maintenance. However, feed costs have greatly increased and I don't have time to take care of them and give them the love they deserve. I found a good home for them (and acquired 2 more 4-H member's for our club in the deal). I used the money from the sale of the hutch and rabbits to buy chicken feed, sheep feed and a mineral tub for the sheep ($37-ouch). I have a friend that will give me all the rabbit manure I want After we delivered them today (it took 2 trips-needless to say, Steve wishes I'd quite volunteering him to help with stuff like that), I felt relief. It will save me at least 10 minutes a day, and $20 a month in feed costs. Plus, I like my chickens better (easier to care for-no toenail trimming, etc), and the reward of the eggs. It's just one less thing requiring my attention. Maybe now I can find a way to use that time savings to give more attention to the "girls" (Lyndsey's sheep) and take a little extra "me" time.

I am going to look for other ways to simplify my life... I am going to take time after Christmas to look around and think about what I value and what I just "have" that I don't need. I spent three hours yesterday cleaning the house for the 4-H party. If I would take 5 minutes every couple days to sweep and spot mop, I wouldn't have to do so much when I needed to. If I keep a spray bottle (of homemade cleanser) and a rag in each bathroom and ask Steve and Lyndsey to help out by wiping things down every few days, it will stay cleaner and share the load.

To me, part of living more self-sufficiently means to live a simpler, more financially responsible life-style, both for my peace of mind, and our finances. I feel good about my choice to get rid of the rabbits and I make a vow to not add another animal to care for unless I feel like I have the time and the money.

Wishing you a day full of hope, joy and faith.


  1. Boy, it's not easy to look at things objectively enough to simplify the way you're doing it. Kudos to you and I think it's something I need to give some thought to. I guess there comes a time when we have to realize that we can't do everything. "Everything" costs too much in both time and money!

  2. Oh Ruth - reading this post sure brought back lots of memories... we have been distanced from 4-H club meetings etc now a good year - the volunteering, the time, the planning it all adds up and really (in my case) started to take over... I do continue to help with our counties livestock auction but other than that have "retired". It seems strange at times but it is GOOD... my kids are now grown up - Your time will come :)

  3. Sometimes it's hard to give up those "things" we think we really need, but you're right....simple is better. It takes a determined person to know when it's time to give up something, so congrats on lightening your farm-chores load. And maybe I can convince MY DH to do a little cleaning help during the week!

  4. you could come simplify my house,take everything home and probably make a ton of$$$$$$$$$$$$$$--lol