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Friday, December 16, 2011

I've been befuddled...

I didn't realize I'd been away from my blog for so long... I can't even describe the last few weeks. With finances being so slim I'm having rob Peter to pay Paul (which I haven't done in a long time), then just general stress, family stress (I'm really worried about my oldest daughter), and too busy for my own good, I feel like I'm about to explode. It's just over a week from Christmas and I am not prepared. I never spend a lot on Christmas gifts, but this year I am even low on funds to do baking, etc. Oh well, I will survive.

Some of the things I have been busy doing were so fun. We had a local Bulls and Barrels event and I got lucky enough to meet the organizers who were from out of town. Lyndsey and spent a lot of time volunteering. It was hard work, but I had so much fun, getting to be involved in the "real" part of rodeo (finding flat-bed trailers, singers for the National Anthem, etc)and meeting the people who work so hard to put on a good event, both for riders and spectators. The announcer was Rob Smets, a Champion Bullfighter. He was a very nice guy, and it was so wonderful to get an opportunity to visit and joke with him. Lyndsey got a nice picture taken with him. I am still waiting for the one I got taken with him to be e-mailed, but I really was excited about it.

She likes cowboys (well, she got that from me)... this kid was 15 and won the event! Too bad she's like a foot taller than him.

We spent Saturday morning volunteering at the Meet and Greet the Cowboys breakfast that was fundraiser for the local women's shelter.

Then, it's just been busy with meetings, other volunteer commitments, work and life. We are waiting with baited breath to see if and when Lyndsey's big ewe, Bieste, has her lamb(s). One day, she looks very expectant, the next, not so much. Because she weighs about 300-350 lbs, it's hard to tell. I did get brave and "crutch" two ewes last Sunday. Lyndsey's lil' Romney ewe, Bebe, had so much wool on her backside I wasn't too worried about cutting her with the big blades on the shears. Tomorrow my morning will be spent babysitting the neighbor kid (gotta make extra money somehow) and cleaning the house for our 4-H club holiday gathering, then working on wrapping the gifts I do have, then Sunday is my work holiday get-together and I am going to help decorate for that. I do it to myself, the problem is I like to help out when I can.

Anyway, enough of that. One highlight of last week is my eldest daughter came home for a few days and we just hung out in the evenings. I had to work all the days except for Wednesday afternoon. We went out to lunch, and then...

we borrowed a couple horses and went for an almost 10 mile round-trip ride. I haven't ridden in quite a while, so luckily, I got the slow, mellow one. We laughed (okay, well, truth is, Kaitlyn laughed at me... trying to get in the saddle, bouncing all over when we were trotting, shrieking like a kid when the horses spooked at a hawk (hey, that ground hurts and I didn't want to fall), then she laughed some more when we were on an overgrown trail and I kept having branch issues. We cried together, talking about some problems she is having, and I whined... a lot. By the time we headed home, my thighs and backside were in serious pain and I was cold. I had on a full set of long johns, jeans, a long sleeved shirt, a thick hooded sweatshirt, gloves and a scarf. I know compared to some of the temps you are used to, the 39 degrees wasn't anything, but I was cold and I hurt. But we covered some beautiful country and I was with my daughter, so I survived and enjoyed it.

Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season... I will be back soon!


  1. loved all the pictures. I wish you lived next door,I would hand deliver a bunch of un baked goods--lol-I hate baking but find more pleasure in a good soup or stew.I had to give a small laugh thinking of you and your daughter avoiding branches while riding--the apple dumpling gang--lol-but glad you got some quality time with her-hope you anf your family have a wonderful Christmas. we are trying to make the most of our ,will probably be my last with Jerry.

  2. I feel badly hearing of your current financial situation. Hoping it becomes better very soon. Hubby and I were talking of our bank balance recently and I commented how much worse it's been in the past. I so well remember the time I had exactly $7 with which to do the whole week's grocery shopping.

    I'm betting the time riding and visiting with your oldest daughter was good for both of you. Nuthin' like a visit with Mom to gain perspective (for her) and having a chance for loving laughs with Daughter (for you)!

    You're such a giving person in all you do to help out others. Good things will come back to you.

    Lyndsey is a beautiful girl. Tell her that cute cowboy will probably be about a foot taller than her in a year!

  3. I know you will make the best of the little you have, it's a skill I'm still learning so I look to you often to see how you do it and stay positive. Your life is always full with volunteering, helping out others and your kids' activities, so know that you are giving a wonderful gift of inspiration and it is appreciated! I don't have much this year but I am able to do some baking this year for church and school events so know that if you lived closer I would bring a plate of goodies your way or better yet, have you over for a girls day of baking :) Sending hugs your way, Ruth.

  4. Hi--this is my first visit here...I enjoyed my stay. I hope things get better for you with the stress etc...that is no fun! Stop on over at my farm and say hi too.