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Monday, November 7, 2011

Meat in the freezer, kinda sad!

Well, today was the day. Both of our meat steers were butchered. Bubba should have been butchered last fall, but due to his "condition" (he was oxygen deprived at birth, so had a hard start) we gave him an extra year to grow. Jethro was butchered right on schedule. 1 of them has been sold, and we are splitting the other steer with the folks who owned the pasture we kept them on this last year and half. The mobile butcher said the meat looked great (not at prime, but very good) and that a half should give us about 500 lbs. Wow... that's a lot of meat. I feel sad in a way because I remember how hard we fought to keep Bubba alive when he was a baby, and how cute and loving Jethro was. But, being realistic, I know they had a great life and they were raised to be meat for my family. It's interesting that the pigs being butchered don't bother me near so much.

Steve got his buck this year and we have the pig in the freezer, so we are set pretty good for meat for a while. Next year, Carhartt should be ready to butcher, so the cycle continues. Since we got the calves for free, it is a savings for us, even with buying milk replacer, plus I know there is no hormones.

Added later: Lyndsey had asked for Bubba's hide, so for an extra $60, Steve brought it home tonight and he and Lyndsey salted it and put it in the freezer (Father/daughter bonding?). Lyndsey wants it made into a pillow?

Wishing you a week of hope, joy and faith!


  1. your a close knit family ,I like that. I keep promising to tell the story of when we tried to raise cows for meat. My brother lived in Plymouth [about a 20 ride to downtown mpls ] the closest on the northwest brother bought 40 acres. everyone in the family would use it to duck or goose hunt,but then came the bright idea to grow cows [ did I say grow cows ] well,we tried to raise them but they kept escaping into the neighbors corn field so my brother would call my hubby to steer the cows in the right direction!can you lead a horse to water? well those were the scrawniest cows and toughest meat a person could even get swindled into buyong! funny story for our family tho

  2. That is awesome that you have so much meat in the freezer, a bit sad but what a good life for them it was while it lasted :)

  3. I know it's so hard because you become attached to the animals. I always have to ask myself would I rather be eating the meat from a homestead-raised, loved animal or one that was mistreated and not taken care of. Whacky reasoning maybe, but it works for me.

    Isn't it a good feeling to know you have all that good meat in the freezer for this winter? I think it's very sweet and touching that Lyndsey wanted Bubba's hide.