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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The house is quiet!

My plans for my 4 day weekend were simple. Enjoy Thanksgiving and finish up the final outside chores in getting ready for the winter storms. Then start working on my homemade gifts for all the people on my list. I was really looking forward to it.

Guess what? The best laid plans. Thanksgiving was spent working about my two oldest daughters, who were 6 hours away from me, grieving over the unexpected loss of their father. I was actually a little surprised by my own emotional reaction. Didn't see that one coming for sure. I mean, I've been married to Steve for 19 years now, so it's not like we just split. Also, to my surprise, on Thanksgiving afternoon, my younger sister asked me if her two boys could spend the night with us Friday when they went out of town. The boys are 11 and 9, and they have never, ever spent a night with us. This is the sister who lives right next door, and her husband doesn't really care for us. So, I was surprised and pleased, so I said yes.

Of course, trying to keep two young boys from killing each other, plus feeding their always empty tummies, plus just listening to the constant noise that boys seem to make, has totally worn me out. We also had my sister's Yorkshire Terrier. She is cute, but not potty trained. And, Bella was fascinated by the sheer tininess of her. Teddy, the Yorkie, had just been spayed, so I spent most of the time making sure Bella didn't get rough.

Needless to say, almost none of my chores got done. If Lyndsey hadn't been willing to entertain the boys for a while yesterday, nothing would have been finished. They went home tonight.I did get the tomato plants all cleaned up in the greenhouse. I pulled out the ones that were definitely done, but I am so happy that there are still 4 plants out there with tomatoes and blooms on them. I picked a bunch for a salad today and even though they don't have quiet the best summer flavor, they are still way better than the store tomatoes. My Gold Nugget cherry tomato is still loaded.

Most of today was spent down at my mom and dads. They had 3 huge trees come down on Tuesday. They had a tree guy come cut them into rounds and mulch most of the branches, but their was still a horrible mess. Steve split the rounds and the boys and I burned branches and moved the smaller rounds into a pile to get later. I think the boys thought they were dying, they aren't used to doing chores at all. Most of the mess is all cleaned up, and since my folks don't burn maple, myrtle or alder, we'll have about 3 full cords of wood for next years supply. Then, we came home, watched the Civil War game between Oregon State and Oregon. I made dinner and we had our first steaks off of the calves we bottle-raised the last two years. Oh my goodness, it was the tenderest, most flavorful meat I think I've had. So well worth the work and expense. I was worried I wouldn't be able to enjoy it because of the relationship I developed with them, but I guess my belief that giving them a happy, stress-free life is the only way to raise any meat-animal paid off. I loved it!

So tomorrow is the only day I have out of 4 to do as much as I can. Oh well, I have learned to not stress about stuff I can't control.

Hope you are all having a much more successful weekend than I did!


  1. wow ,you have been busy,animals ,children [ aren't they fun ]helping after the storm and ya Ruth .it does hit you after someone goes,it is just so final .hugs coming ,fast and furious ,better catch them while I'm dishing them out,cus I'm just not a huger ,I try to be now after more than 40 years of grieving when I lost my bro in Nam---I never got to hug him good-bye

  2. Wow! The best laid plans, indeed! Well you're a sweetheart for helping everyone out...now its everyone's turn to help you. Right? Isn't that the way its supposed to work?? :) Hope your day goes just the way you'd like it to!

  3. You definitely had your weekend full and I bet you handled it well! Happy Thanksgiving..even if its a few days late and sorry to hear about the unexpected loss of your childrens Father. Life sure has a way with it sometimes. I had these incredible plans also, but was derailed by excellent weather and my ever changing mind that takes different paths on its own. I seem to be a pro at changing plans to fit the day. Now today...I better actually do some of those "Prepare for Winter" chores that I keep telling myself to get done. Sure wish some days I could just twitch my nose and poof. Oh well...a little exercise is what this ole girl needs anyway. Have a Wonderful Holiday weekend!

  4. I think today you should do ONLY things that make you feel good. Whether that be getting stuff done to prepare for winter or just sitting in the quiet of the house and reading or doing hand work. This is important especially since you thought you were going to have 4 days of solitude this weekend and, as usual, you opened your big heart and used the time to take care of others.

    We, too, are escaping winter's wrath longer than usual this year. So I'll be outside today doing things that are so much harder with snow on the ground. I'm thankful we're getting this reprieve!

  5. Lyndsey would be welcome to come to my house and entertain my 2 boys! I know what you mean about them running you ragged :) I hope you were able to relax a bit today!