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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Help... anyone have suggestions?

I was heating some rolls in the oven the other night, wrapped up in cheap tinfoil and I was thinking how much I really hated wasting the tinfoil (yes, I can re-use it, but I'd rather not use it at all.

I was thinking about the potato bags I've seen for microwaves and baked potatoes, and wondered if I used a heavy duty canvas if it could go in an oven for short periods at low temps.

I googled it, but all I can find are things to put rolls in once they are already warm. Any suggestions from my crafty blogger friends would be appreciated.

Not much else going on...The little chicks are still under the heat lamp, the older pullets are out in the big chicken yard as of today.-I lost one tonight, as I was trying to catch her to put her in the hen house, she escaped through the one gap and ran up the hill into the darkness. I tried to find her with no luck. It's pretty cold out tonight and rainy, so I'm sure she won't survive. Poor baby.

We went and talked to some folks today (the wife was my older sister's best friend) and we've made a deal to move Carhartt (the steer calf) to their pasture. They have 35 acres, divided, with lots of shelter trees, a lean-to, with only one calf on it now. Since Carhartt has another year to go til he is big enough to butcher, instead of paying rent to them, we'll just give them half. It works for us and gives them more meat. Since we don't have grazing here, it will save us a lot of money in hay.

Finishing up on my computer job I took to help pay for the hay, it's been very mind-numbing. I need to do some city council transcription minutes tomorrow to get some grocery money for the holiday weekend. Even tho I have the new job, I have a year and a half of unemployment income to catch back up on, so money is still tight. The job is going good. I am enjoying learning new stuff.

Gotta get moving on holiday plans... Want to get busy on homemade stuff, but who knows when I'll have a minute.

Hope you are all well and warm...


  1. Glad you got some money coming in & that you'll be able to save more on hay by letting the steer graze on the neighbor's land. Too bad about the chick; you never know, it may survive & come running home in the morning!

  2. good luck with that but just wanted to tell you "Happy Thanksgiving" just curios tho,do you have the usual turkey or something exotic from hubby ,like duck,yum

  3. I've never tried it myself but I read in a cook book that you can warm rolls in a paper sack in the oven. Crimp the top down, warm for 10-15 minutes in a 350 oven.

    I was just reading an article on Alzheimer's a day or so ago and it said one of the things we can do to keep our brains stimulated and healthy is to keep learning new things. Sounds like your new job is doing that for you! So glad to hear you are liking it. It also said that caffeine from coffee is very good for the part of the brain that is affected by Alzheimer's. Four to five cups a day wasn't too much if it didn't affect your sleep. (They just keep changing things on us!)

  4. Very interesting idea about using burlap or canvas or something, there must be a way, looking forward to hearing from the others!

  5. I just loosely wrap bread products in a lightly damp tea towel or just spritz with a very little water.