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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall is in the air!

Brrrr... there is a nip in the air here in Oregon. We've had some ice on the windshields the last couple of days, so Lyndsey is learning about starting the car ahead of time so the windows can defrost. I know frost is nothing compared to what a lot of you have been experiencing, but I'm not sure I'm ready for the predicted wet, cold winter. Last year it didn't dry out here til May. Mud and animals is not fun for 7 months. Our first significant rainfall, complete with thunderstorms, is predicted for tonight and tomorrow, but the sky is still clear, so who knows. The forecast went from "significant storm warning" to 100% chance of rain. LOL

Been busy working and trying to stay motivated after I get home to do chores. I am managing to stay moving til about 8 pm. Today I packed away the Halloween decorations and am picking up the house. We are still waiting on the bathroom to be finished. I am so ready to have our second bathroom back. Dang, how did I do it with 6 of us and 1 and a half baths? I am spoiled, I guess.

The new job is going well. I will be making less than my unemployment when the insurance starts getting deducted next month, but it feels good to not have to worry about finding employment. I'm learning new things daily, and they say I'm learning fast, which makes me feel good.

Animal wise, we are finally down to just our 4 sheep. Hopefully they are all due end of November on into January. I'm hoping for at least one ram from Bieste, Lyndsey's big Suffolk, and a ram from Bebe, Lyndsey's new Romney ewe. I will wether the Romney to be a buddy for the Suffolk and I won't have any more stress re: locating rams with responsible owners. One of my mini-rex does had 3 babies for her first litter, but lost two. The remaining kit is nice and healthy. The other doe is due soon. The two steers we've been raising out at a co-workers' place are getting butchered next week. So we'll have some beef in the freezer, along with the buck Steve got last week. He got a nice 4 point (here on the west coast we only count the tines on one side. I still have two evenings after work before it gets dark (so about 2 hours) to try to fill my tag, and if we get the predicted rain, that might help get them moving.

Hope you are all well. Since it seems like I am maybe getting back in the hang of things, I'll try to post a creative blog soon!


  1. Sounds as if you're staying on top of things which sure helps to make it all flow along smoothly and feel good.

    Why do we have to diddle with this Daylight Savings Time anyway? I hate to see it get dark earlier. The dark in the morning is much easier to handle . . . for me anyway.

  2. you and sue should join up in sheep heaven ,the both of you- be glad of your job.my son hours just got cut again---oh darn,thats mean's I'll be paying more out for bills,with Christmas coming