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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The chick came home!

Steve went out to let the hens out today, lo and behold the little pullet was safe and sound back in the chicken run. She was quite happy to see everyone come pouring out of the door when it was opened. I felt better knowing she was okay. They found their own way into the house this evening and were safe and sound huddled in the corner.

I finished phase one of the computer research job today. It is very interesting to see how many websites have different information on physicians, etc. There is a lot of info out there, the problem is knowing what is accurate and what isn't. It is such a good feeling to finish something on time, and I'm always happy to earn some extra money. Now onto doing the last 3 council meeting minutes... I'll be doing those at work from now on, as I have time and it is better to have it done on employee time, saving the city money.

Our 4-H club had it's first meeting of the year today. There are new members, both older and younger, which is exciting. The kids came up with ideas for field trips, fundraising to pay for the enrollment fee and we scheduled a holiday meeting with a white elephant gift exchange, goodies, and more!

Can't believe Thanksgiving is so close. Our two older daughters won't be able to make it home, due to new jobs, but we'll be having dinner here at the house with my mom and step-dad, my younger sis and her family and my older sister (the one who lives 5 hours away at an assisted living facility). She will be here tomorrow and is spending the week with me (she has to bring her cat with her, and I have a spare room where she can stay with it and it can be safe from being traumatized by our dogs). I am excited to have her here, as I haven't seen her in a year. She fell about two months ago, so getting her up and down our short flight of stairs to the house might be problematic.

Well, time to get busy on transcription. Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Glad your chick came home & that you're Thanksgiving plans are coming along!

  2. Me too on knowing the pullet came home. They're a lot tougher than we think! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sounds like you will have a houseful!