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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick update...
Going into the middle of my third week working at the city office in my small town. Just temporary work, but I'm hoping it may get my foot in the door. The only problem is that I got spoiled with not working and I got way to used to having time to do farm chores, blog, do odds and ends, cook a good dinner, etc. Now, it's get up, juggle the one bathroom between Lyndsey and Steve and myself (we are still waiting on the repairs to the bathroom I flooded), do chores, get to work, get home, do chores, figure out dinner (I forgot how to plan ahead), do housework, any food preservation, etc. And the weekends-Oh my goodness! They fly by and I am trying to pack all the winter prep into it. Not that I'm whining (okay, yes I am), but I wish I could afford to just be home.

I have new chicks in the pump house, new baby Mini-Rex bunnies in the hutch, and hopefully 3 pregnant ewes. Beiste, Lyndsey's newest addition (see this post) is hopefully due mid-November, though it's hard to be certain because she is such a big ewe to begin with. Two and Stacy came home after 6 weeks with a big Suffolk ram. To my disappointment, the ram's owner took him away from the ewes for a couple weeks without telling me, so they may not have taken. But, I can't worry about that now.

Today I took off from work early to go get 3 Romney ewes that were donated to 4-H. They are bred to a Romney ram and due in mid-January, so just right for 4-H auction lambs. I am hoping that a couple of 4-H'ers step up and take them, as we don't need the extra mouths to feed right now. I just couldn't turn 'em down.

Family stuff still going on. My older sister (the one who had the stroke)fell last week and broke her hip, so she's had surgery and is in a re-hab to get back to a 1-person assist. I was planning to go with my mom and younger sister to visit her, but they kept changing dates, so I finally cancelled.

Well, enough of my rambling. Just wanted to let you all know I am alive and kickin'...


  1. Gosh, you are SO busy! I'm glad you posted so we know you're still alive and kicking! Sorry to hear about your sister. I hope her recovery goes well. :)

  2. oh Ruth I'm sorry your having a rough patch,things will get better ,they have too-your starting to sound like me-with that black cloud that keeps following me-I hear on the bathroom scene with 4 trying to get ready for school but I'd still have needs? we have 2 bathrooms but when you divide up between 8 or 11 on weekends someone ALWAYS HAS TO GO----LOL--SISTER WILL RECOVER-WILL YOU?

  3. Keep kickin! Deep breath! Once in a while stop and smell the flowers!

  4. Good to hear from you! There are periods when we are all too busy to sit down and post on our blogs, but know you're missed when we don't hear from you. Keep taking deep breaths . . . this busy, busy period will pass and things will settle down again.

  5. It always amazes me how much you do. I hope someday soon I can get you off the farm and get you to have a "spoil myself day" :)

    Keep on Kicken!

    your middle child