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Friday, September 9, 2011

Weekend plans! Started at 5 pm

I managed to procrastinate a lot this week and didn't get the important stuff done I need to do (budget, transcribe council minutes (at $15 an hour, that will help with the budget), finish taxes, etc.). I put it off in order to "get the house clean" and stuff like that before I started the stuff I wanted to avoid. I am a champion procrastinator! I could teach classes, I think...

Steve's mom has postponed her trip here til the 15th... I guess she's broke and waiting for a check to arrive. Good thing Steve hasn't mentioned helping her out. I think he knows better.

So, this weekend, I will do the odds and ends that I see sitting around me that need done so that Monday I can tackle what needs done. I'll feel better after I do the stuff I've put off doing, I know I will.

Tonight, I am babysitting. I don't really want to, but Lyndsey wasn't available and I can use the extra money. The little girl is coming to the house, so we'll feed animals, collect eggs, I'll have her help me pick the Gravenstein tree (I'll pick and try to convince her to set them in the box), then dinner, then maybe a walk, then I'll let her play a computer game while I vacuum, sweep, mop and clean the bathroom for my "class" tomorrow. Then, I'll tuck her under a blanket until her mom comes to get her about 9:30 pm.

Okay, it's now 8:30 pm... the Gravenstein is picked (by my solitary self) and I only got one small box and a tub of "falls". But last year we didn't get any off the tree, so some is better than nothing. I didn't get any vacuuming done, no sweeping, mopping or cleaning. My babysitting "charge" was high-maintenance tonight (she usually isn't) because her mom is back using again so she is living with her grandparents again. So, we played with bunnies, played soccer with the neighbor boy who is in her grade at school, then she decided to watch TV with the neighbor boy at his house and I didn't feel right leaving her there, so I stayed there too. However, she and Steve both got fed. I bbq'd Steve up some home-grown pork chops that I marinated all day in a fresh-picked blackberry/mustard/horseradish/garlic mixture. He said it tasted really good.

Tomorrow I am hosting a "watercolor felting" class here at the house, taught by a woman who is co-owner of Wild Rivers Wool Factory about 45 mins from our house. For $35, we get two and a half hour class teaching us to do this type of felting, with all needed materials to start and finish a project. I am excited! I may see if she is interested in trading the spinning wheel I have (that I traded for) for some big-time felting stuff. I want to felt bathmats, etc. In the morning I'll bake a rhubarb/apple crisp for a "treat" then make sure the house looks decent.

So, since I didn't get the cleaning done tonight, I'll be setting the alarm and getting up early. I am not a clean-freak, but I want the bathroom to be clean and the floors to not be covered in dog-hair...

Then, I want to make some jam and jelly, and I need to pick some veggies in the garden. The horse I was boarding is gone-he was becoming very aggressive when we went to feed, and I couldn't get next to the "new" ewe without him chasing her. It just wasn't worth it for $50 a month. So, tomorrow I'll got pick up the manure and put it in my new "compost bunker"... It really isn't much, but when I write it up and look at it, I think "wow"... But it's part of having a "farm" and being more self-sufficient, right? I'd be bored if I didn't have stuff like this to do.

I won't be going to be early tonight, as Lyndsey is out with some girls in the neighboring town bowling, so I will be up waiting to hear their car pull in the drive. They are all girls we know well and they are great, but it's just a momma thing to not sleep til they are home...

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey,its a gram ma thing too--to wait up I mean!you have to be one of the busiest people I know but make it sound somehow like you didn't get much done. if I did all the stuff you do ,I'd have my pantry filled with winter goods,house done and watched all the kiddo's in the neighborhood. by the way that was nice of you to do,I'm used to it. I don't have anyone left using but I'm still watching children a lot. even tho I keep telling them I'm kind of burned out from sitting . I've been doing since I was 8. and even after I got married I took kids in. but I want to be gram ma not there mother

  2. Watercolor felting sounds interesting! And felted bathmats sounds great!

  3. An aggressive horse probably wasn't worth your safety. Good call. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Good golly, Miss Molly, you are one busy gal! The only thing worse than having too much going on is being bored because of nothing happening. (Um . . . when was the last time that happened to any of us??)

    I know exactly what you mean about putting off stuff you really don't want to do . . . but then feeling soooo good when you get it done. Geesh, why can't we just make ourselves do it right away and skip all that guilt and angst?