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Friday, September 2, 2011

Parenting opinions and Happy Labor Day!

Well, we let Lyndsey pierce her eyebrow. Of course, her older sisters have now both told us "you would never have let us do that at 15!" and they are right. It really is true what they say about your parenting loosening up with the last child. Not to mention the 7 years difference between the middle child and the youngest. Now that she's the last one home, and such a easy teen (I have to remind myself of that when we want to kill her). I personally have no problem with one piercing (except no lip, tongue, gauges in ears or septum) at an age where they can care for it themselves and have a valid reason for getting it. Dad on the other hand, well... when the oldest was 17 it was 4 months of poking and prodding for him to let her get her belly button pierced. Anyway, Lyndsey's eyebrow was result of a very-well thought out opinion she gave re: grades, behavior, etc, and we agreed. She says this is the only piercing she'll be getting and the reason she chose the eyebrow was because all of her friend have their noses pierce, she didn't want to be one of the crowd. The bruising (after the swelling) is pretty amazing and every time she whines and says "Owww, my eye" I remind her I have no sympathy... LOL My mom and step-dad and certain friends say that they hate facial piercings, and I am, to a certain degree, in agreement-1 or 2 are okay, but I have a niece who has like 6 and she looks, ummmm, idiotic! Anyhow, after almost 13 years of recovery, I no longer care so much about other peoples opinions, so...

Our weather here for the Labor Day weekend is supposed to be pretty warm (for the coast anyhow), so we'll do some more farm chores for winter prep (no canning, the garden isn't doing much yet, hoping we get a warm fall) and take time to run up river for a "reunion" get-together with my father's side of the family. Steve's sister has decided to come visit for the first time... and I am dreading it. She called me, instead of Steve (because she knew I wouldn't say no) and of course she is bringing her three little yappy dogs. Then, of course, Steve's mom is coming next Friday! If I don't have family issues with my side, it's Steve's side. He is like "oh, no biggie re: his mom coming, and I keep reminding him that's because he and Lyndsey will be at work and school all day. I may have to do some volunteering at the local shelter.

Have a wonderful weekend, even if you have to do "paid work".


  1. I got my navel pierced and a tattoo when I was 30 and I still felt like I was "getting away with something" LOL! Have fun with those chores, lots to do here, too as long as the weather cooperates, I'm tired of hot temps!

  2. As my only daughter is just 2 1/2 years old, I'm not sure how my opinion will waver once she gets to "that age", but I see nothing terribly wrong with piercings, although it CAN be overdone to the point of looking icky IMO. If getting her eyebrow pierced is the "worst" thing she does in order to make her feel special, different, etc., and she has been faithful in other school / household work, I say that it's a just reward.

    Good luck on the SIL visit. Could you give her some farm chores to do while here? Like mucking out the stalls after a really nasty rainstorm? Hehe.

  3. My first piercing was at the age of 15, first tat came at 19. As long as they an take care of it, I don't see the problem. I am surprised my boys haven't asked yet. I am chalking that up to, it's all they can do to rebel against Husband and I, be normal :D

  4. We can all have our opinions regarding piercings and tattoos but in the end it's the parents and child who have to come to an agreeable decision to avoid stress and rocky times. Sounds as if you've worked it out in your family.

    Luck to you with the relatives. 'Tis a sticky situation.

  5. Well, at least you guys made the decision together! I think that is key. She could have run off and did all these things without asking and hid it all from you. Speaks highly of you both. Good job, mom.