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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not Guilty... I'm bummed!

The jury found him not guilty of animal neglect. I suspect they were not familiar with large livestock, and so his "I gave him hay" was enough to sway them. Also, the DA was not familiar with the case, so he wasn't totally sure on what questions to ask.

Worn out and kinda depressed tonight...

But at least Red is in a safe place!


  1. Wow. Too bad he can't be fed like the horse. Well, "I gave him some white bread once a day".....

  2. Boy that is frustrating. Makes you sick that animal abusers and neglecters can slide through the system. Hopefully Karma will give him what he deserves.

  3. boy,Jane is right,but hey what do I know-only that some people should not be allowed to raise animals or children!

  4. I firmly believe in Karma. It will "come around". And what's with the lame DA? How hard is it to do some research?

  5. Here is hoping karma comes around and bites him in the butt! I firmly believe if you cannot handle the responsibility that comes with having a animal then you shouldn't be allowed to have one. Finally after 9 months of caring for someone elses goats I found a good home for them. Our animal control advised me not to return them to owner. Thank goodness we have some one who takes their job seriously and checks into things. Know your heart is breaking but you did everything you could.