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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Court tomorrow... feeling sad!

I am appearing in court tomorrow in the case against Red's former "caretaker". Red was the foster horse that I cared for from March 10th to May 1st of this year. After talking briefly with the Assistant DA, I don't think it will be a winning case. He hasn't researched the case well enough, and it's a jury trial. I don't think juries and non-animal folks in general, realize that neglect is a criminal act, especially against an animal that has no way to fight for itself. I am sad... though I think the man's intentions were basically good, he doesn't have the means to care for the 8-10 animals in his care and he believes "God will take care of them".

I will go in and give it my best though, and if needed, I will foster again!


  1. Sometimes people take on more than they can handle....and sadly they often can't or won't admit it! Best of luck to you!

  2. Ruth, animals need advocates like you. There are far too many people who "mean well" and cause such suffering. Anyone who just tosses everything into God's hands and doesn't take responsibility for the creatures in his/her care, should be put on a list and never be allowed to own even a goldfish. The best of luck to you. You can only do what you can do - but thank God you do it.

  3. I'm late here today, I hope everything went well and you have some good updates on Red's case...