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Monday, September 5, 2011

A busy, but productive 3 day weekend.

We were pretty busy this weekend but managed to relax in spite of it all. We constructed a manure "bunker". I had been piling the manure there, but did not think about the manure falling through the fence wire after it got to overflowing. So, using old pallets and scrap wood (I don't like to throw stuff away), we have a very serviceable manure pile that will soon turn to nice compost. It's on the back corner of the "paddock", so it's not real noticeable.

I also went to a neat presentation about bee's. The lady who gave it owns Lee's Bee's and said she'd give anyone who wanted one a hive and bring them a swarm of honeybees when she captured one. Interestingly enough she's been getting 3-4 swarms a week. Guess what I'm gonna get? I took this picture today of the bumblebee's on my sunflowers. They were kind of sluggish because of the fall "chill" that was in the air.

My sunflowers (this is just a few of them) are doing great and this year I will hang the heads to dry for the chickens.

Sunday was spent just working on little stuff around the property (getting the bed in the spare room uncovered so Steve's mom has a place to sleep) and then we went up the river for a family reunion thing. It was potluck, so I made chocolate/zucchini/pecan cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Sooo good (and rich-it had 4 eggs in it). It was my dad's side of the family and I don't see them often (even tho a lot of us live in the same town), so it was fun and relaxing. My mom and sister didn't go, and that made it nice for me... Plus I scored points being the only one who went-sorry, that sounded nasty, didn't it?

Today was the busy day. Lyndsey helped out by making "Kennel Kookies" for the dogs (they love these, and usually the only time they get them is when I tell them to kennel up. It's motivation!

Hemmed a pair of shorts for Lyndsey's gym class and another little cover-up thing she wanted shortened, then moved hay to a stall to make room for the alfalfa-grass I am going to be ordering. Lyndsey was busy picking blackberries. Then, I came in the house and made ww dough for "mini" pizza type things for dinner, zucchini bread (I got in a hurry and forgot the oil-whoops, it's a little crunchy on the outside), a blackberry cobbler from the berries and a rhubarb/apple crisp with the last handful of blueberries from the bushes thrown in. The rhubarb is about done for the year, but there was just enough to half it with the gravenstein apples from our tree. Yummy! I also picked some cherry tomatoes and am gonna cut 'em half and dehydrate them tomorrow.

I'm a spiritual person, but not a go-to-church person... this sign pretty much says it all for me! I didn't notice the sun-beams when I took it. Hmmm...Makes you think, huh?

Tomorrow is the start of my few days of catch-up on e-bay sales posting, council minutes, etc. before my MIL arrives. Lyndsey goes back to school tomorrow. I can't believe she will be a sophomore! Wow! She is hoping her bruised eyelid magically disappears before she wakes up, but I don't think that's gonna happen.

Wishing you a week filled with hope, joy and faith!


  1. That's a great idea to use the sunflower heads for your chickens. I dry them for the birds--and even the deer get into the action-they love the dried , empty heads. Everyone's happy!

  2. My teen that lives with me,Patrick is a sophomore today too. I'm worried about both Richie and pat driving to school everyday [ almost] DO YOU EVER REST? YOU SOUND SO DOG GONE BUSY

  3. Congrats on the decision to do bees, I'm sure that will be very rewarding! I had to laugh about Lyndsey's eye, since like clockwork, Finn got a black eye running into some random inanimate object.... the night before the first day of school, of course LOL!

  4. Talk about a productive weekend! Getting a whole bunch of smallish chores like that done is just the best. I'm so envious of all you good bloggers drying your sunflower heads for seeds right now. Next year I'm going to have sunflowers and seeds galore. At least I'm hoping trying the new recommended variety, Aztec Gold, will enable me to do so!

  5. You will love having honeybees! And the best part (for you busy lady) is they do almost all the work themselves! ;)