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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Since I can't have a beer, a double stuff Oreo will have to do!

It's been that kind of week.

I worked two 9 hour days, and while it was just office work, my mind isn't used to that kind of schedule. The contractors have been coming and going, but no restoration work has started yet because the insurance company haven't sent out their agent. So, sleep has been off and on due to the fans and dehumidifiers.

Today, my mom called me and told me that she and my step-dad are going camping this weekend and would I feed their cats. Then she mentioned I should call my sister because they were going camping with them and she might forget to call me to ask me to feed her horse and cats. I think I've mentioned before that my mother shows her favoritism a lot. The main reason I am irritated is because a couple weeks ago I mentioned we should all go camping and she said she didn't think they would. Now, this... turns out my younger sister invited them and because her husband doesn't like us, we weren't included. My sister apologized. I told her it wasn't her fault, it's mainly that my mom just expects me to not let it bother me when she is all happy about going off with them. After I got over being severely pissed, I made a couple of decisions. #1 I am not going on the trip to Reno this fall that my mom wants to take with my sister and me. I haven't wanted to go the whole time because I know I'll end up feeling insecure, so I am just not going. I will tell my mom it's because of my emotions, but I won't go into detail. Why? Because I've talked to my mom numerous times about this and she cries and says she's sorry, she didn't mean to, and then does it again. I've just accepted she won't change. #2 Normally we always have Christmas with my mom, she brags to all her friends how lucky she is to have her daughters and their families there. I always end up stressed. This year, Kaitlyn and Michelle will be here for Thanksgiving but in the Portland area for Christmas. So, we are going to Portland for Christmas.

So, enough on that... but other family issues arise! My mother-in-law called my phone this morning but didn't leave a message. I told Steve he could call her back. Turns out she wants to come "visit" the 2nd weekend in September. She left here last October after 4 months and never explained why she didn't come back for her stuff. Steve knows I am not happy about her coming back and he "tried" to tell her we didn't have a bedroom for her due to the water damage. She said she'll sleep on the couch. Yeah, right, I am going to let a 72 year old woman sleep on the couch. The problem is she is bringing her dang little dogs and we have no idea how long she is "visiting".

Oh well, such is life. I have not had time to work on the farm, e-bay sales, sewing or anything, and the stress isn't helping. I will eat my double stuff Oreo's (I just found out they have TRIPLE STUFFED ONES) and remember that tomorrow is another day. On a good note, I just successfully sold my first major item for commission (a food trailer I sold for a non-profit organization) for 10% of the sale price. After looking at all the time I put in, I realize I need to find a better system to figure out my fee, but it still feels good.

Sending prayers to all my blog friends in Irene's path! Stay safe!


  1. oh gosh Ruth,you have gone through a ton of backpack garbage-you know the lingo!I might need a double stuffed Oreo just to read this.I swear family can be such a pain in the a...you know about Jerry's cond. of coarse. well the family had a big old party for my sister-in-law who has cancer too-of coarse I love and miss her [ haven't really talked to her much lately ] needless to say I did not go.I have literally lost count of how many recitatives I have but I can count on one hand the # of them that have made a comment to me about Jerry. hang in there ,you have your beautiful husband and children to stand by you

  2. Chase that Oreo down with another! With any luck maybe your MIL will clear out her bathroom stuff. You could always have the boxes labeled and waiting at the front door. Or porch. Even better!

  3. Family issues are never fun to deal with. I say have a whole bag of those Oreos!! I won't tell a soul. :)

  4. Ruth you need quadruple-stuffed Oreos for all this!!!! I bet this is really a source of stress for you, I hope she doesn't overstay her welcome this time! Remember: QUADRUPLE stuffed... and lots of 'em!