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Monday, August 15, 2011

My recycling: Proof that it works!

I made a dump run the other day... Our little Nissan bed was plumb-full of 1 garbage can of regular garbage, 1/2 can of glass, 1 full, extra-large can of plastic, 1 full can of tin/aluminum, 3 feed bags full of what would have been "burn" but we are on a no-burn due to dry weather, and a couple of mufflers. Hubby and I sat and did some figuring and the last time we went to the dump was right after Christmas (I know that because of some of the stuff that was in the bottom of the plastic can).

So, eight months of garbage/recycling ended up costing us $11.20!

A couple things I learn that irritate me a bit with our dump/recycling place:

1. Even though the motor oil bottles have a recycle symbol on them, the dump won't accept them in recycling. So you have to pull them out and pay for them.

2. They don't have separate bins for plastic and tin (and newspapers and magazines), so after 8 months of sorting everything, I could have just put the plastic and tin together.

3. Though they have an open bin for glass, so you can just dump your can into it (which is good because I break my glass to make it take up less space), they don't for the plastic and tin. So, with no gloves (a mistake I won't make again) I had to reach down into the garbage cans and pull out the individual cans and metal lids (which were sharp) and the plastic jugs and lids (of which there were tons) and shove them through a little 10" x 16" window in the dumpster. Grrrr! Plus, since my recycle is outside in a lean-to, there were numerous bugs and spiders! Yuck!

I am now saving the bigger plastic containers and putting the lids and small items in them, that way I can just throw the container in.

My next goal is to see if I can make it a year in between a dump run. I'll keep you posted!

Have a week full of hope, joy and faith!


  1. we have to bring grass clipping to the recycle in our city,what a pain in the butt. I would just let the grass sit on the lawn but my son Dan takes care of the yard work but not garden or flowers,thats my dept. last week Dan and john brought in approx. 40 computer towers -got over $500.00

  2. there metal scrapping has saved the day around here a lot---some towers have gold in them put we are not sure how to get that out-its bad enough when we answer a Craig-list ad for scrappers about a all aluminum table but they didn't say it was "Superglued to wood,lol