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Friday, August 12, 2011

Lyndsey's new project!

We traveled to Central Point yesterday to pick up this purebred Suffolk ewe for Lyndsey's 4-H breeding flock from Mr. Moss in Central Point. She is a big girl, bred to a beautiful Suffolk/Hampshire cross ram, due in mid-November. That's too early for our market lambs, but we are hoping to get a ram from her and add him to the flock. She got a great deal ($200) and this ewe has had twins each time (twice) so we are excited. We are trying to think of names, as previously she was only known by her number. I'm gonna try to find some "goddess" names for fertility that are easy to holler...

More details soon!


  1. :) Fun! I can't wait to see what name you come up with. She's pretty!

  2. nothing says fertile like "Aphrodite" nick name Dede or there are more original ones i'm sure

  3. Lyndsey is a lucky girl to have a mom who supports her so much in her animal projects and interests! Nice looking ewe and I'm eager, too, to hear what name you pick out for her.

  4. What a lovely ewe! It will be fun watching her project unfold! So many great goddess names! Looking forward to hearing the one she inherits...