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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I've been busy, just not sure what I've been doing!

You know what I mean, right? I've been going like crazy the last few weeks with the pre-fair stuff, then the fair stuff, then the recovery and clean-up from fair stuff, then just life. The problem is I really can't pinpoint what all I've done. Probably kicking the coffee and diet soda all at once has contributed to this brain fade. The good news is that after a week caffeine and diet soda free (not counting the 1 cup of green tea in the am), I am able to stay awake past 9 pm and get out of bed before 8:30 am. I also am noticing what I think must be hot flashes, so that's another excuse for not remembering stuff.

First though, a quick picture my sister-in-law took last week of what's living under my bridge. No, it's not a troll! Steve saw an adult and baby last week also.

I worked last week at the county surveyor's office in the afternoon Monday thru Thursday from 1-5 pm. It was a very slow job, only 4 people came in the entire 16 hours I was there. Then at night I'd come home, figure out dinner, do the chores that absolutely had to be done (including unpacking the fair supplies-I need to remember next year not to over-pack) and go to bed. On Saturday, I weeded the garden, then Lyndsey and I headed up the Rogue River with friends on their boat. Steve refused to go, said he had too much to do and I could go if I wanted, but he thought I had stuff to do too. Guess what? I went! The heck with him. We were gone from 1 pm to 7 pm. I love the river... I feel peaceful and calm after just a few minutes of breathing the scented air! Sunday I completed all my necessary "chores" with time to spare-LOL so there, Steve! Monday I went to town to try to sell a food cart. I am doing it on a commission basis for a Women's Shelter Home. I get 10% of the sale price. There is a guy coming tomorrow to probably buy it (he already sent a deposit). Since I just started advertising it on Saturday, that's a pretty quick turn-around. Today I went with my friend, Wendy, to help shear sheep (well, I probably didn't help too much, but it was fun). The first place we went to was also a business deal for me. They want help selling their "mutt sheep" (a hair breed mixed with Coopworths and Suffolks) and if I find buyers, they'll give me a 1/3 of a beef, cut and wrapped. I can handle that! After we sheared their wide variety of sheep (14 sheared), we drove on to another place and Wendy sheared 14 more. She made $150 in 5 hours, which is pretty good money, except she works hard for it.

The flock of mutts!

Tomorrow I work my split-shift two hour job, but first in the morning, I'll make a quick dump run (with recycling, we only go every 8 months or so, taking all the recyclables and regular garbage and spending about $12). Then on the break in between, I will hopefully sell the food cart. In the afternoon I'm gonna help my mom get ready for her class reunion that will be at her house. Her house and yard look fine, but she is panicking like she does every time. Thursday, we are going on a special trip. I'm very excited for Lyndsey (and me), but I will wait til I have pictures and all the details to give you.

Gonna close with a poor-quality (dang cell phone) but cute video of Bella and Bo, who spotted an "intruder" in the pond!


  1. wow Ruth you are busy-hope all else is well. you do charity work as well.you must be a saint

  2. Isn't it amazing when you actually sit down and write up everything you've done? You have been B.U.S.Y! Can't wait to hear about your (and Lyndsey's) trip!