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Monday, August 22, 2011

Flooded bathroom, camping failure, life's surprises...

Well, the master bathroom is dried out from the flood. We have no hot water yet, but the plumber is supposed to be here within an hour to hook it back up, then shower here I come! The insurance adjuster is coming on Thursday or Friday to look at the damage, then we can work on fixing it. Luckily, he said he'd go pretty much with the estimate from the contractor, so that is good. We finally got hot water back today, thank goodness. We are sleeping in the spare bedroom, as our bedroom and bathroom are full of fans and dehumidifiers.

I can't upload pictures... dang it! I had some from the bathroom destruction and then a bunch from around the property. Grrr... Oh well. I have been so sporadic at posting lately that maybe Blogger is punishing me. If you want to see them, you can "friend" me on facebook

We had a camping trip that turned sour this last weekend. I was so excited, looking forward to relaxing and just hanging out with friends. Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding. I had thought we were camping with some "farm" friends of ours. Actually, it was a group of their friends who are members of the "Society for Creative Anachronism,Inc.) who are "dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe." While I've always thought it would be fun to attend one of their events, this was supposed to be camping... The campsite owner said bring the dogs, bring what you want to eat, and we'll relax... Bo, our collie/shepherd mix, jumps out of the car and a chihuahua comes running up, barking like crazy. A lady starts yelling at me to tie up my dog (the other dogs weren't on leashes) and so Bo saunters over and pee's on someone's knitting (of course, it was real wool). Whoops! Then, I find out they are gonna charge us on Saturday. Bella was with us and a nervous wreck. Later that night someone comes over to our tent asking if it will bother us if they set off fireworks. Since the property owner was there, I figured I couldn't say no, even if it was in the middle of a high fire danger. So I climbed in the tent, brought Bo and Bella in with me and they spent 1/2 hour shaking against me. The tent was another story, 8' by 8', Steve, Lyndsey and myself, with Bo and Bella. No sleep. So, the next morning, as we're sitting around the fire with a couple of the people we did know, I said something about heading for home because the dogs weren't adjusting, and of course they said "no, they're fine, please stay..." After they left and we were sitting there with some of them we didn't know, I looked over at Lyndsey and said "Are you okay? You don't look like you feel very good." She said "What?" then, "Oh yeah, my stomach kind of hurts..." So within 40 minutes, we were headed home, with me apologizing like crazy since I had really pushed Steve and Lyndsey into going. I took a long nap after we unloaded the rigs. I wanted a shower, but remember, no hot water.

Later that night we went over to some friends for some tacos and then s'mores around the fire. They are a young couple with a baby, so I'm surprised they like to hang out with us old folks. Lyndsey went with us and it was fun and relaxing after the disaster of a camp trip. We are going to the movies with them tomorrow to see "Cowboys and Aliens."

Today was spent on the phone with the insurance company, talking to the contractors and basically procrastinating doing anything important. I did have someone come by and pick up the bottom of a china hutch that I had given them. She had two of the cutest little girls. They had been here before to pick up the top of the hutch. The oldest girl took off running for the field where the calf, one sheep, and the horse I am boarding are. She climbed through the fence and ran up the the horse and started petting him. His ears were back, so I told the mom I was a bit nervous. As she turned away, he nipped at her chest and got her. She had a small scrape and will be pretty badly bruised. She screamed pretty good. Luckily, the mom was calm about it and we put ice on it. My nerves are shot!

Gonna head to bed a bit early tonight, so I can get stuff done tomorrow that I put off today.

Hope you all have a week filled with hope, joy and faith!


  1. I've never been one for camping......and now I know I never will!

    Hope this week is better!

  2. you are not having a good time are you?I'm sorry,pluming problem's are the worst and most expensive--I've had to move before because no funds to fix a major plumbing problem -my yard backed up with waste and I had just called sewer man , ya sewer man-no joke----------------------you should call that the nightmare camping trip,thank god for Lyndsey stomach ache take care Ruth you deserve so mush more

  3. I started laughing instantly just reading the first word of the group... hubby's from Oregon and told me all about his friends in the "Society" years ago when he lived there, ROFL!!!! Good for you for giving it as long as you did! Seriously hope everything goes quickly for you recovering from the damage to the bath/bedroom.

  4. Let's just hope all the bad stuff is over for a good, long while. Plumbing problems ARE the worst. And fast thinking on the quick exit! Good thing you and Lyndsey are tuned-in. Now, go relax!