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Monday, July 18, 2011

Test of my strength?

I wonder sometimes if my Higher Power just likes to see how strong I am?

In the middle of all this stress, (financial, upcoming fair, etc) Steve gets a call from his sister this morning. His mom is in Coos Bay (an hour and a half from us) and is thinking about coming down to get her stuff. That would be great, except it won't all fit in her little car. She hasn't called us to tell us this! His sister goes on to say that she doesn't seem really happy in her current living situation!! She still isn't driving, she's having her oldest grandson drive her around. Here is what my brain is saying... "She is going to have him drive her down here and "drop her off" for a few days and then she'll just stay". Steve told his sister that since she left without telling us she wouldn't be back, he's not real happy with their mom, and his sister agreed.

I wisely kept my mouth shut. I have been honest with Steve and told him I don't want his mom here for longer than a weekend (unless I get so desperate money-wise that we tell her she has to help us out financially) and he knows that. I don't need to rock the boat. Supposedly she might wait til August to come down. I will keep on trying not to worry about it til either we know she is coming or she shows up in the driveway.

In the meantime, I am working on once again not letting people take advantage of us... We loan stuff out and don't get it back when we need it, we make deals to raise livestock for friends and they don't follow through on their share, we sell a vehicle for 1/2 the cash and 1/2 trade and the person doesn't complete the trade, so they'll pay us "when they have the rest of the money", etc. I want to help people. It's in my nature to offer my help or loan things... the problem is either that I am taken advantage of, (people know I'm "easy") or when we require something in return, they "conveniently" are busy or not able to help. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect anything in return, but it's funny to me that these people kind of "ignore" me afterwards.

Enough of my complaining (I have a killer headache from the weather changes here-rainy, damp and blah) and it's not helping it to get stressed. Thanks for listening to me whine!

Have a hope, joy and faith filled week!


  1. I know it's in your nature to be kind and helpful, but there are some times when "self-preservation" needs to become a top priority - don't ever feel badly about having to use this tactic! I wish people as a whole were more responsible about upholding their end of things, sadly I find most are not. I'm wishing you good luck with the MIL situation, that definitely would inspire lots of stress in me!

  2. No MIL allowed-bless her heart>>>>>>> my MIL has passed but she hated me.I don't think people realize that a lot of narrow minded people still have a thing against the north. [ if you from the south I mean ] ] I know,I lived it. So my heart goes out to Ruth. Our weather is crazy too,I can't stand going out in it temps like 114 -feel like temps.You sound like your trying to do so much!Don't let anyone take over your domain.

  3. I think your Higher Power wants you to know how strong He is. :) I'll be praying for you. I love (and truly like) my mother in law, but must say that I don't think I could live with her, or she with me.

  4. Ruth
    You and Steve have always been straight and honest with us, this is the way we try to treat others, and we appreciate it greatly. It saddens me to hear that others take advantage,as we know how caring you are. Keep your chin up and if we are able we are here to help.
    P.S only wash 2-3 pounds of fleece at a time. Wendy had us do Carter's fleece in thirds.

  5. Offering as much support via the air waves as I can, Ruth. Difficult situation with your MIL but having her stay (or live!) with you will make you miserable and I don't think it sounds like she would be happy anyway. Some people choose to be unhappy no matter what their situation. Stick to your guns, m'dear, and don't let yourself be put in that bad situation. Life is too short. You've gone through a lot already so you don't need to suffer more at this point.

    Regarding irresponsible people taking advantage of you, chose those you deal with carefully. And if they don't come through on their end of the bargain, bug 'em about it. Some will just shrug this off but it may help with others. I firmly believe people will exhibit as much bad behavior and others let them get by with. Make 'em accountable! But don't let it be a negative thing with you. Play a game with yourself if you have to . . . do the bugging with a smile on your face and as much of a cheerful attitude as you can manage. THAT will give them something to wonder about!! :o}